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Top 12 Best Heated Socks for 2024: Complete Buying Guide

Best Heated Socks for Men and Women

Posted On 12/03/2021

If you are one of those who enjoy winter sports and other outdoor activities, especially in winter and you are looking for the best heated socks to protect your feet from the cold, here I not only present you the list of top heated socks, but also you will get a lot useful information such as the number of heating modes that the socks offer, the type and duration of their batteries, what are the materials from which the heated socks are made and how to choose the heated socks that will best suit your needs.

Normally, by using heated socks when the temperatures are very low, you will ensure your feet to be always warm and comfortable no matter what you do outdoors. When you enjoy outdoor activities, heated socks are one of the few ways to warm your feet. You can also use heated ski boots as well as ski boot heaters. In case, if you own heated ski boots or ski boot heaters for your outdoor sports activities I don’t think you should buy heated socks.

But when you are at home and suffer from cold feet and this is a really big problem not only during the day but also at night while you are sleeping, then it is really recommended to buy heated socks.


Best Heated Socks for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hunting, and More


Here are our recommendations for the best electric heated socks for indoor and outdoor activities:

1. Lenz Heated Socks 5.0

Company: Lenz Product

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.9/10


Overview: After Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 and Lenz Heat Sock 3.0, we have the best Lenz brand model on our list which is actually one of the most expensive models on the market when it comes to warm socks, which is the Lenz Heat Sock 5.0. Like previous models, this model is characterized by the top quality of workmanship.

Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 has everything you need to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable while you are skiing. They provide you with long heating time, can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone, they are ergonomically designed and durable, optimum moisture absorption, 2 lithium-ion rcB 1200 battery packs, when you wear these pair of heated socks you will not even notice the integrated heating elements and they cover the toes region and balls of the foot and also you can wash them in your washing machine which will make your life easier.


Product Features:

  • Extra Padding: It is obvious to expect from heated socks that have a very high price to be very durable and last a very long time. All parts that are prone to tearing of this product are reinforced with additional pads. So you need not worry at all whether these socks will break after several seasons of use.
  • 3 Heating Modes: With an intention to allow you to adjust the heat required of your feet in different weather conditions like most heated socks, these ones also come with 3 different heating modes which are also standard almost for all types of heated socks on the market.
  • 14 Hours Heating: Typical of high-quality socks like these you can normally expect to be provided a long period of heating. When in the lowest heating mode with a single charge this product will give you a fantastic 14 hours of heat. This will especially satisfy those who often do outdoor activities all day whether skiing, hiking, running or ice fishing at very low temperatures.
  • Moisture Absorption: If you are skiing, hiking or doing something longer during the day, it is normal for your feet to sweat. These socks have a great ability to absorb sweat. So whenever you wear these socks you will enjoy not only the heat they offer but also their comfort.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: A feature that everyone wants to have in their products is the Bluetooth connection. You can control these socks directly from your Smartphone, you don’t have to bend over to change the heating mode, and you can do it with a few touches on your Smartphone through a specially designed application quickly and simply.

A product like this one with cutting edge technology always costs more. And again, these are high-end heated socks that can really offer a lot if you can afford them and want them. But if you don’t need this kind of socks or you can’t afford them, then on our list there are also warm socks at a much lower price and a pretty good quality.

2. Lenz Heat Socks 1.0

Company: Lentz Products

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10


Overview: The Lenz 1.0 is one of the best and also most expensive heated socks on today. But what makes this product so exceptional is the ability to be controlled from your Smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The brand Lenz has a specially designed application that will allow you to control the heating system not only on heated socks but also on heated gloves and heated vests.

This feature will make all your outdoor winter activities more enjoyable. Of course, the heating system can also be controlled manually via the buttons on the battery pack. But this is not all; the Lenz heat sock 1.0 has more useful features including:


Product Features

  • 3 different heat modes: When buying heated socks, it is normal to expect they offer more heating modes. In this case, the Lenz 1.0 sock offers 3 different heating modes such as low, medium and high mode. These different heating modes will allow you to adjust the heating of the socks depending on the weather condition where you have outdoor activities.
  • Maximum to 14 hours of heat: As one of the best features of this product is to allow heating your feet for up to 14 hours. This is really impressive and you can rarely find another product that will produce heat for so long. This is one of the reasons why these socks are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  • Lithium Rechargeable Batteries: To provide heat for a very long time, these socks use high quality and rechargeable lithium batteries. Also, these batteries are very durable which means you don’t have to worry about having to buy new ones for the next winter season.

The biggest downside of these Lenz 1.0 socks is that they are one of the most expensive socks on the market. If you can afford these heated socks and if you really want to have high quality and durable socks with advanced technology, then you really need to consider this product, they are worth the money.

But if you do not need this type of socks even if you can afford them, then you can choose more affordable heated socks from our list with also very good quality. Here you can read our full review about Lenz Heat Socks 1.0.

3. Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10


Overview: Hotronics is a trusted company known for producing high quality heated socks and ski boot heaters. Like any of their products, these Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks are high quality, have advanced useful features and are very durable.

The main purpose of these socks is to provide optimum heat to your feet in all weather conditions, especially when the temperatures are extremely low. And not only that, in addition to the good heating features, these socks fit well on your feet and have a great ability to absorb sweat from your feet.

You will enjoy the comfort of these socks not only when you have outdoor activities such as walking, camping, running or skiing, but also when you are at home and doing your daily activities.


Product Features:

  • Boost Heat Mode: In addition to the 3 standard heating modes, in these heated socks is also added 4th heating mode called Boost. Its function is to release extra heat in short bursts. This is especially useful when you have outdoor activities in extremely cold conditions and need extra heat on your feet.
  • Maximum up to 13.5 Hours of Heating: when the socks are set to the lowest heating mode, you will have up to 13.5 hours of heat available which is truly impressive and more than enough to keep your feet warm all day. If you need to use the boost mode when the temperatures are extremely low you will get 3 to 4 hours of heating.
  • Ergonomic Design: These heated socks are designed to not only warm your feet in extremely low temperatures but to keep them comfortable all the time. Materials such as Nylon, Spandex, and Marino Wool are used to make these Hotronic XLP One heated socks. These materials not only provide comfort when wear, but they also successfully absorb sweat from your feet.
  • Machine Washable: In addition to manual washing of these socks, their design allows you to wash them in a washing machine, which greatly facilitates their maintenance.

This is another high priced product. But if you want to have heated socks with high performance and high quality then it is really worth buying them.

4. Lenz Heat Socks 3.0

Company: Lenz Products

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10


Overview: This is another product on our list from Lenz and it is the model called Lenz Heat Socks 3.0. Its capabilities are almost identical to the Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 which means these can also be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone.

In addition, a combination of materials such as polyester, nylon, spandex, polypropylene and merino wool is also used in the manufacture of this product which has given great flexibility and durability in their use.


Product Features:

  • Machine Washable: Most of the heated socks have to be washed manually, which can sometimes be time-consuming and sometimes a bit boring and annoying. These socks besides hand washing also allow you to wash them in your washing machine which really makes your life easier. The only thing to keep in mind when washing them in a washing machine is the temperature should be below 86 Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) to prevent them from being damaged.
  • Global USB Charger: The main feature of this global charger is that you can use it wherever you travel. Whether you are in Europe or the United States, you can easily recharge the lithium-ion batteries of your socks without any problem.
  • 14 Hour of Heating: This feature will really impress you. Only a few models of heated socks can warm your feet for up to 14 hours. This gives you great freedom when hiking, hiking, camping or fishing without worrying about how long your socks will provide heat to your feet.
  • Moisture Wicking Abilities: This is another reason why you will love these socks and they dramatically reduce the sweat of your feet during your long-term outdoor activities. All the time your feet will be dry and warm and dramatically will be reduced the chance of side effects such as blisters and infections.
  • 3 Heating Modes: You have low, medium and high heating modes available which should be sufficient enough for you to adjust the ideal temperature of your feet.

If you love skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sport and looking for high-quality warm socks and if their high price will not be a problem for you at all, I’m sure you will enjoy the Lenz Heat Socks 3.0.

5. VOLT Heated Socks

Company: Volt

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.2/10


Overview: Volt is another well-known company that manufactures quality heated equipment. In addition to heated socks, they also make heated jackets, heated gloves. The specific design of these socks makes them very durable and resilient.

You can wear these socks whenever you like, whether you are hiking around, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, skiing, or any other activity when it is cold outside. They are high quality, simple, and easy to use, you will always feel comfortable, warm and your feet will always be dry.


Product Features:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery: With these heated socks you’ll get a pair of 3.7-volt lithium-ion batteries that aren’t too bulky and can easily fit in a small pocket in socks that you won’t even notice them.
  • 4 different Heating Settings: this is one of the features you will really like. There are a small number of heated socks on the market that offer 4 different heat settings. This will allow you to precisely adjust the optimal heating of your feet in different weather conditions in winter.
  • Remote-Controlled: Also a great feature that everyone will love is the ability wirelessly to turn on and off the heating. This will really make your life easier when you are skiing, hiking or doing some winter activity.
  • High-Quality Design: Unlike most other heated socks, for making this one is not used materials such as cotton and wool. The design of this product uses polyester and spandex which gives it elasticity to better fit most types of feet. In addition, polyester absorbs sweat from your feet so that your feet will always be warm and dry.
  • Dual Charger Kit: The advantage of using this dual charger kit is that you can charge both socks at the same time. This means the charging time will be reduced to half, which is much faster than charging with a standard standalone charger.

It is normal for one high-quality product to have a higher price. But, if you really want to have high quality, durable and easy to use heated socks, then you should really consider these Volt heated socks.

6. Sunwill Heated Socks for Men and Women


Company: Sunwill

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.1/10


Overview: Sunwill warm socks are for those people who do not want or are not able to invest more than 100 dollars, but still want to have warm socks of decent quality. If you belong to this group of people, then these Sunwill warm socks are an ideal choice for you.

Even though they do not belong to the highest class, these socks can offer a lot. I really like that they are knee-length so they will effectively warm your feet while sorting out in the winter or going for walks with your friends.

These socks are also a great choice for people who have health problems such as rheumatism, arthritis, and Raynaud’s disease. And not only that, these socks are made of elastic and breathable materials that make your feet relaxed. These are the main features of these Sunwill heated socks:


Product Features

  • Unisex Design: The nice thing about these warm socks is that they can be worn by both men and women. Their unisex design makes them a wonderful winter gift for your partner or your family.
  • Carbon Heating Elements: To protect your feet from the cold, these socks have very thin and lightweight, high-quality carbon heating elements. When you wear these socks you will hardly notice their existence.
  • Three Heating Modes: These socks also offer three heat settings (low, medium, and high), so you will have great freedom in customizing the warmth of your feet.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The carbon heating elements are powered by two UL/CE certified 7.4V 2200mah rechargeable lithium battery packs. These battery packs will provide heat from 3.5 to a maximum of 10 hours depending on the heating mode you choose.

In a word, these Sunwill heated socks are of above-average quality, very affordable, and are ideal for skiing, hunting, camping, fishing, and long walks in the winter.

7. SNOW DEER Battery Heated Socks for Men and Women

Company: Snow Deer

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.0/10


Overview: On this list, we have heated socks that come from the well-known brand Snow Deer which is known for its quality heated products. These decent and affordable socks would be a perfect choice if you love winter outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, even if you love to ride a motorcycle when outside is really chilly.


Product Feature

  • Soft Breathable Insulated Material: Thanks to a design that uses a combination of materials such as cotton, polyester, and elastane, these socks are soft, well insulated, and fully breathable. They are elastic and fit easily on your feet, if they get wet in the snow they dry out very quickly. The heels and toes are reinforced with soft pads that make these socks more durable
  • Various Size Options: These socks are unisex, which means they are designed for both men and women and are offered in different sizes such as S, M, L, and XL.
  • Far Infrared Heating Elements: The socks use far infrared heating elements and are positioned in the area with the toes and heels. The heat produced by the infrared element has the ability to stimulate blood circulation which is a great solution in the cold winter days especially for people who have chronic cold feet and arthritis.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries: It takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged on the highest heating mode they can provide about 2.5 hours of heat and in the lowest heating mode, you will get about 6 hours which is not that bad. Otherwise, you are offered 3 different settings for heat.

If you have a problem with cold feet, then I can freely say that you will enjoy the warmth and comfort that these warm socks offer. On the other hand, they are not too expensive; they are pretty affordable and offer good quality.

8. Mobile Warming Heated Socks

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.1/10


Overview: Next on our list is another pair of heated socks that have a pretty decent quality whose price is also affordable which is actually below $ 70, which are Mobile Warming Heated Socks including a 3.7-volt Lithium-ion Battery.

While these socks will successfully warm your feet and keep them dry, a very practical feature of this product is the option to wirelessly control settings via a wireless controller.

As easy as it is while sporting and wanting to change the heating of your feet without stopping and bending down, you just have to press the buttons on the wireless controller. In some cases, this is more convenient than using a Smartphone. Here are some more useful features that will be of great use to you.


Product Features:

  • Tri-Blend Construction: A special fabric called moisture-wicking tri-blending fabric is used to make these socks. Three types of materials such as cotton, nylon and elastic are used in this fabric. This tri-blending fabric gives the socks great flexibility and can easily fit your feet. In addition, they have high moisture absorption which is of great importance when you have activities for a long time, your feet will be dry and warm all the time.
  • 3 Heating Modes: Also, these socks come with three different levels of heating, which is really very positive and practical when you have the choice to regulate the necessary heat of your feet.
  • Wireless Control: For more flexible and easy control of the temperature of the feet, some heated socks have Bluetooth connectivity using a Smartphone and a specifically designed application. While these Mobile Warming Heated Socks use a wireless controller. Simply by pressing the buttons on the controller, you can easily and efficiently change the temperature of your choice. This will greatly delight those who are not comfortable with the temperature management from their smartphones.
  • 11 Hours of Heating: This is another positive feature of these socks that they provide about 11 hours of heat. I think this is quite enough to enjoy your winter sports activities throughout the day.

These Mobile Warming socks are perfect for people who enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, skiing or traveling to work. What they offer really justifies their price.

9. Autocastle Electric Heated Socks

Company: Autocastle

Price: $$

Our Rating: 8.9/10


Overview: If you need high-quality electric heated socks for cold days, especially for winter at an affordable price then this pair Autocastle electric heated socks are an excellent choice. These socks throughout the day can provide you with a long period of warmth and comfort.

You can enjoy any sport, no matter if it is hunting, skiing, biking, hiking with your friends in nature or you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of these socks at home. To provide you with a long heating period these socks have efficient heating elements including a pair of 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with several heat choices to meet all your needs when it comes to cold feet. Here are some of the main features that will make you enjoy your winter outdoors activities:


Product Features

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries: These socks come with 3.7 lithium-ion batteries have the capacity to provide you up to a maximum of 6 hours of heating which is generally a standard for such an affordable product. This should satisfy your normal needs while wearing these socks when it is cold.
  • 3 Different Levels of Heat: Like most heated socks, these socks are fitted with heating elements that provide you with three different levels of heating, giving you a great deal of freedom in choosing the ideal temperature to your feet. The maximum temperature that these socks can deliver in the highest mode is 122 Fahrenheit (about 50 degrees Celsius) which is quite satisfactory. If you choose the lowest heating mode, you will have sufficient heating for 6 to 6.5 hours. In medium mode, you will get 4.5 to 5 hours of heating and in the lowest heating mode from 3 to 3.5 hours.
  • Quality Designed: These heated socks are made to last, in their production has used spandex cotton fabric so that besides offering comfort and warmth they also protect your feet from moisture. In addition to being well insulated, these socks are also waterproof and windproof making them ideal for activities such as riding a motorcycle, skiing, and skateboarding.
  • Unisex: These heated socks are well suited for both men and women.
  • Different Colors and Sizes: I like these features that besides offering different sizes of this product to well fit on your feet, you are offered choices of different colors as well.

If you are not able or you don’t need a premium class and expensive pair of heated socks from brands like Lentz, Hotronic or Thermic these classy and durable Autocastle electric heated socks are all that you need to keep your feet warm wherever you go.

10. ThermoGear Heated Wool Socks

Company: ThermoGear

Price: $$

Our Rating: 8.8/10


Overview: Surprisingly, these low cost heated socks can warm your feet up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the highest mode you will very rarely use. You will usually use the lowest heating mode, which provides a temperature of 93 Fahrenheit.

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle or skiing in the winter, especially when it is windy, a very good feature of these ThermoGear heated socks is that their design does not allow cold air to penetrate the fabric, they are simply wind resistant. Also beneath the heating elements is a separate layer of fabric that protects your feet from direct contact with the heating element.

The positive thing is that when you’re at home, these wool socks will warm your feet comfortable even without the use of battery heating. More features about these heated socks:


Product Features

  • All Outdoor Winter Activities: These heated socks are great for all outdoor winter sports including cycling, hiking, skiing, hunting, climbing, fishing and more.
  • Lithium-Polymer Batteries: The batteries are a very important feature of heated socks. This product comes with powerful lithium-polymer batteries that can last up to 10 hours.
  • Unisex Design: This product is meant to well fit both men and women and the socks are offered in two different colors black and neutral grey.
  • Slim and Lightweight Heating Elements: These slim and lightweight heating elements use carbon fiber technology to provide the optimal heat to your feet. For this purpose, you have 3 different temperature settings that provide you with temperatures in the range of 95 to 140 Fahrenheit. The temperature can be easily controlled just by pressing the buttons on the controller that is placed in a convenient pocket located on the side of the socks.

Simply put, these are really good socks compared to what you get for their low price. Whenever you go outside, they will always keep your feet warm.

11. GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks with Rechargeable Battery

Company: Global Vasion

Price: $$

Our Rating: 8.8/10


Overview: Here we have heated socks coming from the Global Vasion brand. They are of lower quality so that their price is more affordable that more people can afford them.

These are not socks if you have activities where temperatures are below zero. These heated socks are best to wear if you have activities in your backyard, go for a walk, ice fishing or want to ski in not too cold conditions where temperatures are above zero. But if you have to deal with temperatures lower than zero, then you really need to consider higher performance models.


Product Features:

  • Battery Indicator: A good feature that you will really like is the battery indicator. At any time, you can easily see how much there is in the battery before it is fully discharged. There are three different color indicators that show you the current state of the battery. Green indicates you have about 6 hours of battery life, orange indicates 4 hours and red indicates 3 more hours. Simple and useful.
  • 3 Levels of Heating: Like most heated socks these have three heating modes, which is truly impressive for a product of this class. You can easily adjust the desired temperature at any time.
  • Fast Charging: When it comes to the battery life of this product, the positive thing is that the charging time is much shorter than the batteries of some other products. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to fully recharge the battery of this product which is not really much.

If you really have problems with cold feet in winter and your budget is limited then this GLOBAL VASION heated socks are the right choice for you. But, you should know that the heating element of these socks is small and covers only a small part of the foot and that is the front part where are the toes.

12. Rabbitroom Unisex Heated Socks

Company: Rabbitroom

Price: $$

Our Rating: 8.7/10


Overview: If you are not a winter sports person and if you have problems with cold feet while at home or shoveling snow in your backyard, walking around or cycling, the solution to your problem is heated socks from the brand Rabbitroom.

But if you love hiking, climbing or skiing in places where there are very extreme cold conditions I would not recommend these heated socks for you. You should check other models on this list that provide better performances. Here are the main features of this product:


Product Features

  • Breathable and Durable: Cotton is used as the main material for the production of this product. You will be amazed at how well these thick knitted thermal socks are breathable well and are durable. Wearing these socks will make you feel comfortable and warm all the time.
  • 3 Levels of Temperature Modes: It is to be expected that these heated socks, as well as most heated socks, to offer 3 different levels of heating that really gives you the freedom to set the ideal temperature for your feet. Each heating level has a different color indicator, including red if you set the highest heating mode, then orange if you use medium heating mode and green for the lowest operating mode.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: Like most heated socks, these use a 3.7V lithium-ion battery but with a much lower performance. With one full charge, these batteries will last about 5 to 6 hours maximum which is really much less than the batteries used in most heated socks. But still, this is enough for normal daytime outdoor activities. It’s going to take about 4-5 hours to recharge the battery again.
  • High Heat: When you set the highest level of heating, these socks can provide a high temperature of 125 Fahrenheit degrees (about 51.6 Celsius). This is quite enough to keep your feet warm.

These are great socks with pretty good quality, they are reasonably priced and I think they are a great choice to deal with your cold feet during the winter while you are home or you have usual daily activities outdoors.

What do You Need to Consider When Buying a Pair of Heated Socks?


What is Your Purpose for Buying a Pair of Heated Socks?

Firstly you need to ask yourself what is your reason to buy a pair of heated socks? Do you want to buy them for indoor use or for outdoor use? Here are some examples:


Indoor Use

If you need heated socks for indoor use then you should think do you need them for everyday use just to keep your feet warm and comfortable during winter days or you are from those people who have a chronic problem with cold feet or a problem with blood circulation.

In this case, you don’t need to buy too expensive heated socks with lots of features. For example, you don’t need to look for heated socks that are waterproof and have long battery life.

You will do a good job if you buy heated socks from brands like Volt, Rabbitroom, Snow Deer or Autocastle whose products are available at a more affordable price (in most cases the price varies between $30 and $100) and have really good quality.


Outdoor Activities

But, if you need heated socks for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, running, mountaineering, hiking, motorcycle riding where you expect to be out at extreme temperatures for a long time then I recommend you buy warm socks from better brands such as Lenz, Hotronik, Therm-IC or Volt whose products are made of better quality materials, have longer-lasting batteries and have more advanced features. But you should know that the warm socks from these brands have a much higher price that ranges from $ 150 to $ 350.

But it is advisable to put on a pair of thin not-heated socks first and then over them to put on your heated socks. This is a good way to prevent your skin from getting burned by the heating elements if you use heated socks in high heating mode for a long period of time.


How Well Will Heated Socks Fit Your Feet?

When buying heated socks make sure they fit your feet well. Their size must not be smaller than the size of your feet so that blood circulation will be not interrupted. Also, their size must not be too large to prevent slipping and sliding of the socks inside your shoes.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Some models of heated socks feature Bluetooth connectivity that allows you using your Smartphone with a special app to adjust the level of heating and also to check the remaining battery life. Heated socks that have this feature are much more expensive.


Number of Heating Settings

The next thing to consider before buying heated socks is the number of heating settings these products offer. In fact, almost all socks of this type offer 3 heating settings such as low, medium and high. Rarely some socks come with 2 heating settings.

Also, some socks offer 4 different types of heating. More choice of settings gives you more freedom to control the temperature of your feet. So you can choose your ideal heat for your feet at any time. You can adjust these heating modes directly on the socks themselves. This means you’ll often have to bend down to do this or sometimes even take off your ski boots to change the heating pad.

Some heated socks offer the option of remote temperature management such as using a remote control or using your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. But, you also need to know with more and longer use of the highest heating mode, the faster the batteries drain.


Type of Batteries

Also, you need to pay attention to the type of battery used in the socks. Normally heated socks use several types of batteries, most commonly AA, NiMH, and lithium-ion batteries. When buying heated socks I would recommend choosing heated socks that use rechargeable batteries.

But, today almost heated sock comes with rechargeable batteries; very few of these products use AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are obviously the most suitable. They allow you to be charged more than 500 times before being replaced with new ones. This means that you can use the same pair of batteries for several seasons.

So there is no need to worry about buying new batteries once your existing ones have expired. Rechargeable batteries have a long lifespan and are much more durable than others. You can easily recharge them with a USB charger that comes along with heated socks.


Battery Life

Always look for a pair of heated socks that come with batteries that can last for a long time. This is especially important while you are having a long time outdoor activities during winter, so the batteries can provide for long time electricity to the heating elements to protect your feet from freezing.

Mostly the heated socks come with batteries that last from 2 to 8 hours when they are set to work on the highest mod of heating. But, if you set the socks on the low settings, they will be able to provide heat for a really long time between 8 to 20 hours. Always look for heated socks that come with long-lasting batteries.

Depending on your needs, you can control the heat of your feet by changing heating modes. Or if you don’t need warmth on your feet you can even turn off the heating. You can do this with the control buttons on your socks or it would be easier to have a remote control for easier heat management. This way you will extend the battery life so that you will have heat all day long. 

Heated Socks FAQs


Question 1: How Much Do Heated Socks Cost?

Answer: Heated socks can be found at various prices ranging from about $30 to $300 and up. Actually, their price depends on many factors such as the quality of the material from which they are made, what features they offer, the type of activity they are intended for, the quality of the heating system and more.

As an example, I’ll take one of the most sophisticated heated socks on the market today – the Lenz brand socks. Lenz’s heated socks are made of high-quality materials, capable of heating your feet up to 14 hours continuous, offering more heating modes, and more interestingly they incorporate Bluetooth technology to easily manage the heat of your feet from your Smartphone.

These heated socks are very durable so you can wear them whatever your outdoor activities are. In fact, they are perfect if you have outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding or hiking where the temperatures are extremely low. All of this contributes to their high price that ranges from about $250 up to $350.

But also, on the market, you can find heated socks with lower performance and quality. They are usually intended for daily winter activities such as walking, fishing, hunting, running or cycling. Their price usually ranges between $30 and $100.


Question 2: What Are the Top Brands That Make Heated Socks?

Answer: Today there are many brands on the market that produce heated socks and other heated clothing. Here are some of the most quality brands:


Lenz:  I can say without a doubt this is one of the best quality and most popular brands that produce not only heated socks but also other types of heated clothing such as heated gloves, heated vests, heated pants and more. All of their products utilize high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology including Bluetooth technology.

Therm-IC: Therm-IC is another brand that has been on the market for about 20 years and is also popular as the Lenz brand for their high-quality heated clothes. The Therm-IC brand is best known to consumers for producing high-quality heaters that are often incorporated into the heated ski boots of different brands and also in their other products such as heated insoles that can be easily fitted into different types of footwear, also in their heated socks, heated vests, heated gloves and more.

Hotronic: this is another high-quality brand that has been on the market for a long time with its high quality heated socks, heated insoles, ski boot heaters. In addition to these heated products, Hotronic also makes dryers for boots, shoes, gloves, and helmets.

Volt: Volt is also a well-known company to customers in heated socks, heated jackets, heated footwear, and other heated clothing. But the quality of their products is not as high as the previous top three brands. By quality and performance, they are somewhere in the middle and they have a more affordable price.

Flambeau: Flambeau is a brand that also produces quality heated socks whose quality is similar to that of Volt brand products. Besides heated socks, Flambeau is also well known for making non-heated clothing such as clothing for hunting and fishing.


Question 3: How Do Heated Socks Work?

Answer: Typically, heated socks have a lightweight battery-powered electrical wiring system. The type of batteries used in heated socks is different. Some heated socks use D-cell batteries while most heated socks from most popular brands use high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The wiring system is located in the lower part of the socks in the foot area. When this wired system starts to receive electricity from the batteries it starts to heat up and release heat which warms your feet.


Question 4: How to Wash Your Electric Heated Socks?

Answer: So there are only two ways to wash your heated socks, such as machine washing and hand washing. But there have been many cases where users have washed their heated socks in the washing machine and damaged the heating system of the socks as well as their material.

I know, and you’ve heard that some of the most popular brands offer heated socks where they claim that you can wash their heated socks in the washing machine which is true. Most heated socks are really very durable, have high quality and are made to be machine washable.

But even so, my recommendation is never to wash your socks in the washing machine. In my opinion, it is safest to wash your heated socks by hand and carefully to avoid any damage to the heating wire system and the material from which the socks are made.

After washing, just rinse them slowly and squeeze them firmly and carefully to drain them. But be sure not to damage anything. Once drained, simply place them flat on a flat surface to air dry. While drying, make sure they do not come into contact with your pets. In case you are in a hurry and the socks are still wet, then you can speed up their drying process with a fan.

This way you will ensure that your warm socks last you a very long time. In the end, the washing of heated socks is not a too complicated process. But, if you want to wash them in a washing machine, that’s fine, it’s up to you. But keep in mind there is a probability that your heated socks can be damaged.


Question 5: Are Heated Socks Safe to Use?

The right answer is YES? Heated socks are really safe to use. You will never have direct contact with the heating elements of your heated socks. Heated socks are made of high-quality multi-layered materials, so the heating elements are placed between those layers and they have no contact with the skin of your feet at all.

Also, if overheating or malfunction occurs, most heated socks have the special feature of automatic shut-off. However, it is advisable to read the instructions for safe use carefully before using these heated socks. But again, these types of socks are safe to use.

Nobody Wants Cold Feet

It is really important to keep your feet warm in the winter, whether you are outdoors or at home, especially for those who have a chronic problem with cold feet. Always choose the best heated socks according to your needs.

If you do not play sports in the winter and most of the time you are at home then you do not need to buy very expensive heated socks with many features. In this case, heated socks at more affordable prices will meet your needs.

But, if you are playing sports or most of the day you are outside and the temperature is extremely low, then it is recommended to choose one of the more expensive heated socks with excellent thermal insulation, Bluetooth connection, and batteries that can last up to 13 hours or more.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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