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Top 11 Best Ski Boot Heaters for 2024

Best Ski Boot Heaters

Posted On 13/03/2020

If you love to enjoy winter sports and if you have a problem with cold feet, then we suggest you buy one of the best ski boot heaters.

If you are one of those who have high-quality heated ski boots, then you will not need to buy ski boot heaters and you should have no problem enjoying skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sport even in the very extreme cold conditions.

But if you really need to buy ski boot heaters, in this post we present a list of the best heaters at the moment on the market that you can install not only in your ski boots but in your other winter footwear as well.

1. Hotronic S4 Custom

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.9/10


Overview: The second product we have on this list from the Hotronic brand is the Hotronic S4 Custom which is almost identical to the Hotronic S4 Universal which is also the top ski boot heater from this company.

The main difference between these two products is that the Hotronic S4 Custom only comes with a heating element and a cover that is mounted on top of the heating element when installing on the existing insole inside the boot.

While the Hotronic S4 Universal besides the cover and the heating element also has an insole. So, during installation, the heating elements are placed over the insole and then the cover is placed on top to keep everything in one place as a whole.

What these two products have in common is that they have the same feature, and those are 4 different modes for heating.


Product Features

  • A Maximum of 173 Fahrenheit: As the highest maximum temperature of 173 Fahrenheit (approx. 78.3 C) that this heater can produce when it is set to the highest heating setting, it will meet your most demanding requirements when you want to enjoy skiing at very low temperatures.
  • Durability: Characteristic of a high-quality ski boot heater is its durability. Durability is one of the main features of this product.
  • Long Heating Time: The impressive thing about this heater is that if it is set to work in the lowest heating mode, it can provide 21 hours of continuous heating. In medium heating mode, the heater will provide you with a maximum of 10 hours of heating, while in the highest heating mode you will get a maximum of 4.5 hours of heating.

Here is the video that explains in more detail about the Hotronic S4 ski boots heater.


Also, here is the video that explains how easy it is to install these Hotronic S4 ski boots heater.


So simple and easy, right? Also, you can read our full review here: Hotronic S4 Boot Heater Review

2. Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10


Overview: The first product, as well as the best on our list, comes from the very famous and renowned Hotronic brand, the Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal Ski Boot Heater. When it comes to quality, price, features and what this product offers, it rightfully takes one of the highest spots on our list.

The surprising thing about this ski boot heater is that it comes with 4 different heating settings as opposed to most ski boot heaters with only three heating settings.

The great thing about this product that makes you happy is that it has a long-lasting battery. With a single charge, these boot heaters can provide heat for up to 20 hours or more. Moreover, these boots heaters can be used in all types of winter footwear. I should also mention that these heaters can be very easily installed in your boots.


Product Features

  • Rechargeable Battery: As mentioned, this battery has a long life, so you won’t need to buy a new battery for a few winters.
  • LED Light Indicator: this is a very useful feature that lets you see at any moment how much battery power is left.
  • 4 Different Heating Sets: In addition to the three basic heating settings in this product, there is a fourth additional heating setting that has the ability to blast heat every three minutes. This allows you to have more control over the heating and at the same time protects the battery from being emptied quickly.
  • Adjustable in Size: Another great thing about this boot heater is that you can cut the insoles to fit your ski boots perfectly.
  • A Maximum of 178 Fahrenheit: No need to worry if you are skiing or hiking in the cold weather, the temperature of 178 degrees Fahrenheit is more than enough for your feet to be perfectly warm.

3. Thermic C-Pack Set 1700 BT

Company: Thermic-ic

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10


Overview: Here we have another top performance product from the Therm-ic brand, and that is the Therm-ic C-Pack Set 1700 BT. If you are often skiing in very cold conditions and want to have total and efficient temperature control at any moment in your ski boots, then you should consider this Therm-ic product.

Its main feature that separates this ski boot heater from the other models is the ability of its battery to be controlled via Bluetooth which makes this product more convenient and easy to use. But you should know that the biggest downside to this great product is its high price.


Product Features

  • Up to 29 Hours of Heat: With this Therm-ic 1700 Bluetooth Heated Insole Kit you get a pair of C-pack batteries that can provide heat to your feet for up to 29 hours. This is really more than you need for one-day skiing.
  • USB Charging: The batteries also come with a USB charger that you can plug anywhere.
  • Charging Time: It is obvious that the batteries of such a high-quality heater should also have top performance. Their maximum time to fully charge is 6 to 8 hours.
  • Bluetooth and Therm-ic Heat Control App: As I said earlier, the heating settings of this product can be adjusted via Bluetooth from your Smartphone. For this purpose, Therm-ic has developed a Heat Control App that can be downloaded online free. You can simply download this application to your Smartphone and connect it to the batteries pack of the heater.

4. Therm-ic C-Pack 1300 BT Unisex Insole

Company: Thermic-ic

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10


Overview: Here we have a product from a very famous high-end brand that manufactures high quality heated products such as heated gloves, heated socks, heated jackets, heated vests, as well as foot heaters. It is a Therm-ic C-Pack 1300 BT that is one of the top products of this brand.

This quality foot heater has almost the same cutting-edge features as its bigger brother Thermic C-Pack 1700 BT, which is also a top product when it comes to foot heaters. The main difference between these two models is that the Thermic C-Pack 1700 BT can deliver up to 17 hours of heating in low settings which is truly impressive, while the Therm-ic C-Pack 1300 BT provides heating up to a maximum of 13 hours which is still respectably.

What’s more, this battery pack is compatible with all ski boots and insoles and not only that, the great advantage of this product is that it can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone which will really make your life much easier while skiing.


Product Features

  • 3 Different Heat Settings: Like most boots heaters, to get the perfect heat of your feet this product offers you 3 different heating settings that can be adjusted via a single button or Bluetooth connection from your Smartphone.
  • Heating Time of 13 Hours: This battery pack will allow you to warm your feet with a single charge from 11 to a maximum of 13 hours if you use the lowest heating mode.
  • Fast Charging: It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery of this product which is really great.

5. Thermic C-Pack 1300 Heat Flat Kit

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: On our list, we have the Therm-ic 1300 product and is actually the younger brother of the Therm-ic 1700 of the same brand. The Therm-ic 1300 is also a high-quality ski boot heater. Apart from the very common features, these two models differ in several things.

First of all, Therm-ic 1300 cannot be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone which is a really big minus for this model. As a second matter, the maximum heating time you can get is reduced to 13 hours compared to 17 on the Therm-ic 1700.

Because they do not have remote control and they don’t have the option to adjust the temperature via Bluetooth, so if you want to adjust the desired temperature you will need to do this manually down on your ski boots. All this makes the price of this model to be drastically reduced, making it much more attractive than the Therm-ic 1700 which price is extremely high.


Product Features

  • 13 Hours of Heating: When the batteries on this heater are fully charged, they can warm your feet for 13 hours without a break. This is drastically less than the batteries in the Therm-ic 1700, but it’s still enough to get comfortable skiing for a whole day.
  • 3 Heat Settings: the three different heating settings offered by this heater should meet your needs while skiing in very cold conditions.
  • One-Size-Fits-All: The insoles are compatible with all types of ski boots. Also, this model, like most, the insoles can be trimmed to fit the size of your foot by trimming pieces away. This is a great option to perfectly fit the insoles of this heater to your feet.
  • USB Charging: For better usability, the Therm-ic C-Pack Set 1300 comes with a USB charger, so you can charge them anytime.

6. Torch Outrek 2 Electric Heated Insoles

Company: Torch Electrec

Price: $$$

Our Review: 9.4/10


Overview: If you want to have a high-quality ski boot heater but you can’t afford a product from brands such as Therm-ic and Hotronics, then Torch Outrek 2 is the ideal product for you.

The Torch Outrek 2 insoles are padded with cushions and therefore very comfortable to use. In addition, they have high durability and they can be easily installed not only in ski boots but in any other footwear. So this product can be used for activities other than skiing.

They usually have 3 types of heating modes of choice for you and what is more tempting Torch Outrek 2 can be activated via a wireless remote.


Product Features

  • High Customization: As first, Torch Electrek Outrek 2 heated insoles are available in two sizes, medium and large. Secondly, they can be easily adjusted to the size of your feet. All you have to do is with scissors carefully marginally trim the toe portion of the insoles to perfectly fit the size of your foot. Also, despite its great customization and durability, this product absorbs moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the odor when removing it from your boots.
  • Powerful Heating Element: The heating element of this product is housed inside the insole for better and even foot heating. 135 F (about 57 C) is the maximum temperature you get at high setting and 113 (about 45) at a low setting.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries: This product comes with lithium-ion batteries that have a compact design, so you won’t notice them when wearing your boots. With a single charge, they can generate heat without a break for 6 hours.
  • Remote Control: To make it easier for you to adjust the temperature of the heating elements, the Torch Electrek Outrek 2 comes with remote control, so you won’t have to bend down to press the battery’s button on the boots.

7. Thermacell Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Insoles

Company: Thermacell Heated Products

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.3/10


Overview: Thermacell Proflex Insoles is another product of Thermacell Company which means that this product besides its high quality of production also, has high performance and high durability. Lightweight and durable materials are used to manufacture this product. They protect the heating elements incorporated inside the pads and allow them to evenly distribute heat to your feet.

Another thing to mention about this foot heater is that it offers 4 heating modes and is also water-resistant which is surprising for a product of this class. But, the downside of the heating elements in this product is that they are not as powerful as the heating elements in other foot heaters.


Product Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: This is the thing I love the most, and that is more conveniently handling of the heating modes. This product provides Bluetooth connectivity so you can use your Smartphone as a remote control to efficiently and quickly set the desired temperature. But before you take advantage of the Bluetooth connection you will need to download the ThermaCELL app and then connect this product to your Smartphone using the Bluetooth connection.
  • Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries: This product is powered by lithium-ion polymer batteries that have a slim and compact design. This allows them to be stored inside the insoles and they can be easily powered via a USB cable that comes with this product.
  • Ultra-Light Heating Elements: In these Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles are integrated slim and ultra-light heating elements. These features of the heating elements allow them to be fitted inside insoles that you won’t even notice while skiing or hiking. When you use the highest heating mode, the highest temperature you get is 111 Fahrenheit (about 43.8 C).

8. J JINPEI Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Company: J-JINPEI

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.2/10


Overview: J-Jinpei heating insole is a product that is very similar in performance to Thermacell Proflex than to products of Hotronic or Therm-ic brands. By purchasing this foot heater, it is obvious that you will get a decent performance product and a good thing about this foot heater is its affordable price.

However, this product uses the latest heating materials including highly efficient carbon fiber, which in addition to heat and comfort ensures good blood circulation. Besides skiing, this foot heater is also suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, motorcycling as well as some other winter and summer activities.


Product Features

  • Carbon Fiber Heating: One of the many good features of carbon fiber is that they heat up very quickly and are very safe to use. 15 seconds after turning on this foot heater, it is capable of producing the required temperature which is really quite fast.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: These heated insoles come with rechargeable 2000mAh lithium batteries and you need to know that these batteries are built-in inside the insoles themselves which means they cannot be replaced. The time required to recharge these batteries ranges from 4 to 5 hours which is really satisfactory. To warm your feet you have the choice to set the required temperature in the range of 113 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) to 149 Fahrenheit (65 Celsius).
  • 7 Hours of Heating: Using this heater you will have continuous heating of your feet for a maximum of 7 hours which is not so bad for a heater of this class.
  • Wireless Remote: This heater, like most, comes with a wireless remote control to make it easier to control the heating of your feet.
  • Customization: Also, by trimming the insole, you can customize the right size regarding the size of your foot.

9. Dr. Warm Heated Insole

Company: Dr. Warm

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: This brand is not as well known as Therm-ic and Hotronic but still, this ski boots heater is of great quality. While this product provides the necessary warmth for your feet, its ergonomic and unique design also allows you to feel comfortable while skiing or hiking.

The nice thing about this heater is that the battery is built into the product itself. So you won’t need to install the battery in your boots, you just have to simply insert the heater inside. But this also has a downside; you need to remove the existing insole before placing this heater inside your boot.

Another disadvantage of this product is that when used, its battery drains very quickly compared to the battery of most ski boot heaters.


Product Features

  • USB Charger: I really love the fact that this boot heater can be charged anywhere you are via a USB port.
  • 3 Heat Setting: Like most ski boot heaters these also have 3 different heating modes. This allows you to have complete control over the temperature depending on your needs at any time.
  • Remote Control: I have no doubt that this feature will make everyone happy. It allows you to easily manage your heating settings.
  • Foot Customization: Also useful is that you will be able to adjust this heated insole perfectly to fit the size of your foot.

10. Thermacell Proflex

Company: Thermacell

Price: $$

Our Rating: 8.9/10


Overview: If you’re planning on skiing or hiking in areas where there are extremely low temperatures, then this Thermacell Proflex heater will surely not be your ideal choice. However, this heater is made from high-quality materials, which has decent performance, high durability and above all it is water-resistant.

This product will suit most people who like to ski in normal winter conditions where temperatures are not below zero and will not need ski boot heaters that can produce a lot of heat continuously over long periods of time. More precisely this heater is ideal for weekend skiers and its price is really affordable. In fact, this Thermacell Proflex is one of the most affordable ski boot heaters.


Product Features

  • Wireless Remote Control: Wireless Remote Control: Surprisingly, a heater of this class comes with a remote control that doesn’t come with some of the ski boot heaters of the higher class. Its maximum range is 7 feet, which is quite enough for easy adjustment of the desired temperature.
  • Quick Charging Time: You will get a wall charger with a USB cord for charging your batteries. The time required to recharge the batteries of this heater is 4 hours which is really great. At your pleasure with this product, you will get 4 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which means you will have one extra battery for each boot.
  • 3 Different Heat Settings: In order to make your feet more comfortable and properly heated you have three heating modes available such as low, medium and high.
  • 5 Hours of Heating: The batteries of this product will provide continuous heating for a maximum of 5 hours. This is not much if you compare the batteries of some heaters which can provide continuous heating 4 to 5 times more than these. However to improve the usefulness of this product you will get an extra pair of batteries.

11. Thermacell Original Heated Insole

Company: Thermacell

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 8.8/10


Overview: If you need decent quality and on a budget heater for your ski boots then this Thermacell Heated Insole would be the perfect choice for you.

You can control the level of heating in your boots via wireless remote control, which is another positive thing with this product. Unlike the other ski boot heaters on this list that have 3 or 4 different settings for heating, this heater offers only 2 heating modes. Many of you will not like this.

This heater has a built-in lithium-ion battery that takes 4 hours to fully charge. With a single charge of the battery, this product can last up to 5 hours which is really very little time to use. Another downside to this heater is that it does not provide enough heat. If you ski when it is very cold or you live in a very cold area I think this is not the perfect choice for you.

You can trim this insole according to the dimensions of your foot for better fitting in your boots. But when doing this you should be careful not to cut the wires from the battery. It is also waterproof, making it a more attractive choice for you.


Product Features

  • Long-Lasting Battery: It is normal that when you use a battery-powered product after a certain time of use you will need to replace the battery which will cost you extra money. To your great pleasure, the battery of this product can withstand a few winters, which is pretty impressive for this ski boot heater on a budget.
  • Remote Control: Along with this product you will also get a remote control that will make it easy to change your heating settings at any time.
  • Quick Charging Time: Another thing that makes this ski boot heater a great product is that it charges up very quickly. It only takes about 4 hours to get fully charged.

Ski Boot Heater FAQ’s


Question 1: How much the heaters for ski boots cost?

Answer: It is obvious that in order to efficiently and effectively perform the main job for which these heaters are designed, they have a lot of technology built into them. However, the price will depend on which company produces them, what features they have and the quality of the material used in making them.

The prices of the ski boot heaters from top brands such as Hotronic and Therm-ic range from $ 160 to $ 400. That’s why you should expect high performance from these products. But, lower-class heaters are priced below $ 150. It is obvious that the performance of these heaters will also be at a lower level. However, the choice of heater for your ski boots will still depend on your needs and your budget.


Question 2: Can I use ski boot heaters for other outdoor activities besides skiing?

Answer: The great thing about ski boot heaters is that besides skiing you can wear them when doing other activities outdoors. As an example, I will list just a few activities you can do while wearing the boot heaters: camping, hiking, mountaineering, biking, fishing, sledding, fishing, and horse riding.

These are just some of the outdoor activities you can do while using heaters on your feet. You can simply use ski boot heaters in any footwear where they can be installed.


Question 3: Where can I buy ski boot heaters?

Answer: Ski boot heaters are hard to find at your local store. If you need this type of heater in most cases, the only way is to purchase them online.

On the Internet, you can find many stores that sell this type of product. I have placed links to one of these online stores that have the best services and prices for ski boot heaters.


Question 4: What are the top brands for ski boot heaters?

Answer: There are several brands that produce high-quality ski boot heaters. As top brands whose products have the best quality are:

  • Hotronic: you should definitely consider this brand if you are planning to buy a ski boot heater with high quality and great performance. The most popular models of this brand are listed in our list here: Hotronic Footwarmer S4 and Hotronic S4 CustomUniversal. Any product of this brand will meet your greatest needs.
  • Therm-ic: This is another brand that offers high performance and high-quality products on the market. For any product of this brand, you should set aside a larger amount of money, they are really pricey. Some of the top models of the Therm-ic brand can be found on our list, including the Therm-ic 1700 Bluetooth Controlled Heat Kit and the Therm-ic 1300 Unisex Insole Heat Kit.
  • Thermacell: This brand is not on the same level as the previous two brands. Although Thermacell products are not comparable to Therm-ic and Hotronic products, anyway, they are durable, with decent quality, comfortable to use, and more affordable. Excellent models of the Thermacell brand on our list are Thermacell Original Heated Insole and Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles.


Question 5: What are the pros and cons of the heaters for ski boots?

These are the pros of the heaters for ski boots:

  • Long battery life: Most ski heaters have high-quality long-lasting batteries.
  • They are very resistant to external influences and can be used for up to a few winters without any malfunction. The constant heating time without a break varies from 5 to a fantastic 29 hours.
  • Multi heating settings: Usually, ski boots heaters come with 3 different heating modes and in some higher class models; there are even 4 different heating settings. This allows you to change the heating level at any time depending on the weather and your needs.
  • USB Quick Charge: Charging these batteries is very easy and fast. They have a USB plug so you can charge them anywhere. You can easily wash them: Along with the ski boot heaters comes a mesh bag that you use it to wash the heaters in the washing machine. It protects them from any damage during washing.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Most of the heaters come with wireless remote control that facilitates their use. With it, you can easily change the heating mode of the heaters with ease at any time. They are easily customizable: Ski boot heaters can be easily adjusted to the size and shape of your feet. Most ski boot heaters allow you to use them in other types of footwear for other outdoor activities than just skiing.

These are the cons of the heaters for ski boots:

  • They fail to last longer: Often, ski boot heater batteries fail to last as long as specified in their specifications. Some of them take much longer to charge than they should.
  • High prices: Some ski boot heaters are very expensive, their prices are sometimes about the same as those of ski boots, most of the people cannot afford them because of the limitation in their budget.
  • The ski boot heater becomes too hot: Sometimes is happen the ski boot heater is too hot than the body temperature. This will make you feel uncomfortable, and you will not be able to enjoy your activities normally.
  • Sometimes it happens when people go hiking to complain about ski boot heaters being too stiff. This usually happens to beginners in hiking. This is due to the poor quality of the material used to make the heaters and the poor interior design.
  • One of the few challenges you may encounter with a ski boot heater is having difficulty receiving the remote control signal. This is most often the case when one of the batteries, whether the heater battery or the remote control battery, is almost empty.
  • Losing the remote control: When you have any of the outdoor activities, you may lose the remote. This means that the boot heater will be fixed to the level of heat you set before you lose the remote, so you will have difficulty controlling the temperature produced by the heater.


Question 6: What are the other ways to keep your feet warm?

Answer: It’s a great feeling while skiing to keep your feet warm. That is the main reason why we install heaters in ski boots. In fact, it is their main purpose to keep your feet warm.

But there are also other ways to keep your feet warm while skiing. Instead of installing heaters in your ski boots, you can use heated socks. Brands such as Hotronic and Therm-ic produce high quality heated socks.

Another efficient and effective way to keep your feet warm is to buy ski boots with a built-in heating system. Today many manufacturers offer heated ski boots for men and women with a built-in heating system. Some of the brands even offer specially made heated ski boots for kids, which is a really great thing. Most of the heated ski boots already have a Therm-ic heating system installed. The most well-known brands that produce high-quality heated ski boots are Salomon, K2, Alpina, and Rossignol.


Question 7: What is the maximum temperature the heater for ski boots can produce?

Answer: It makes sense when you intend to buy a ski boot heater to know the maximum and minimum temperature of the heat it produces. Usually, heaters come with multiple heating settings. Most of them have 3 different heating settings such as low, medium and high. While some have less and some have more than 3 heating settings.

Some heaters, when set to the highest operating mode, can produce maximum temperatures of 170 F (about 76.6 C) and up to 178 F (about 81.1 C). In the lowest operating mode, the minimum temperature is about 99 F (about 37.2 C).


Question 8: How long does the battery of the heater for ski boots last?

Answer: How long the battery will last will depend on the quality of the product and how long the heater will operate at a certain setting.

If you set the heater to work on the high setting, you should expect the maximum operating time to be around 2 to 6 hours. But if you set the heater to the lowest setting, then expect the battery to last about 8 to a fantastic 29 hours.


Question 9: Are the heaters for ski boots easy to install?

Answer: Mostly, these are the products that can be easily installed.


Always Keep Your Feet Warm!


Don’t let cold feet ruin your enjoyment of skiing or other winter activities. By choosing your best ski boot heaters, you will now be able to enjoy the whole day whether it is skiing, hiking or snowboarding even in extremely low temperatures.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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