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Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket Review

Bosch Women's Heated Jacket Review

Posted On 13/12/2020

Bosch women’s heated jacket review: if you are a lady and you are looking for a high-quality and good-looking heated jacket with an outer soft shell and at the same time can protect you anytime from all elements such as cold, wind, rain, and snow then you should consider this amazing women’s heated jacket from Bosch.

But, before you decide whether this is the right heated jacket for you or not, let’s see what are its features, pros, and cons.

Our Verdict

The Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket gives you excellent cold protection as well as protection from rain, snow, and wind. The outer soft-shell of the jacket also offers flexibility and durability when working on job sites.

This women’s heated jacket will warm your body for 6 hours continuously, and not only that, it will fit your body perfectly and will make you feel comfortable.

In a word, it is an ideal choice for long cold walks with your friends, if you are exposed to very low temperatures while working outside for a long time, playing sports in winter, and more.

What We Like


  • 6 Hours of heating time in the lowest mode
  • Three different levels of heating
  • USB compatible charger
  • Adjustable Velcro sleeves
  • Five convenient and easily usable pockets
  • Stylish and reflective stripes
  • Water-resistant and wind-resistant
  • High collar
  • Flexible and durable outer soft-shell

What We Don’t Like


  • The high collar doesn’t feature a heating element
  • It would be nice if the two front pockets in the waist area having heating elements
  • The battery is a bit bulky
  • The jacket is a little bit pricey

Bosch Women’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket Review


Product Features


Design and Multilayer Construction

I have no doubt that this women’s heated jacket will appeal to the female population with its modern and stylish design. The characteristic of this jacket is that it offers comfort, warmth, and protection from the external elements at the same time. Great merit for the high quality of protection from external conditions in this jacket has 100% use of polyester.

The construction of this jacket consists of three layers of insulation, which are the inner layer, the middle layer, or so-called protective membrane made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and the outer layer which is characteristic with its flexibility, strength, and durability. This construction allows this jacket to have excellent breathability, water and wind resistance, and also tearing up resistance.

But there is one more thing I need to note about the inner layer of this heated jacket. Namely, the inner layer is made of nice, soft, and shiny slippery material that allows you to easily dress up the jacket over your clothes without pulling up or bunching up your sleeves of the other clothing.

When it comes to design, it’s also a practical thing that you’ll love. Adjustable Velcro closures on the sleeves of this jacket as well as the adjustability of the bottom of the jacket by using a drawstring.


Three Different Heating Levels

To protect your body from the cold Bosch in this heated jacket for women offers three different heating levels as low, medium, and high heating.

  • The lowest heating mode is most often used if it is not very cold outside but the weather is a bit fresh and windy, as it is in the early spring and late autumn and you need a little extra warming. You will also usually use this mode at night when temperatures drop lower.
  • The medium heating mode is most suitable when you are working outdoors during the day, fishing, or hunting, and you are exposed to low temperatures.
  • The highest level of heating is ideal for use during very low temperatures, temperatures that go below zero as is the case in the winter.


Multiple Heat Zones

In order to get efficient and optimal heating of your body, this Bosch women’s heated jacket has built-in high-quality carbon heating elements and they are placed on three main zones.

  • The first heating zone is located in the upper back between the shoulder blades. Actually, in this area is installed the largest heating element.
  • The other two heating zones contain smaller carbon heating elements and they are located in front of the left and right sides of the chest area.

These carbon heating elements are set in a special way to deliver fast and even heating to your body at any time.


Easy Handling of the Heating Modes

In order to provide you with the easy handling of the heating system, Bosch has designed a special controller in the form of a button located on the front left side just above the logo and the name of the jacket. Handling it is super easy and simple.

  • By pressing this button you can turn the jacket on and off and at the same time, you can select the required level of heating.
  • First of all, to turn on the jacket, you just need to press it and hold the button for a while.
  • At the same time, the button will start to glow red, which is a sign that the jacket is already operating in the highest heating mode.
  • Now, if you want to switch to a lower heating mode, ie medium, press the button again and it will turn green. And if you press the button again, you will get the lowest operating mode and the button will show a blue color.
  • If you no longer need to use the heating elements, you just need to press the button and hold it for a while. At the same time, the button will stop shining which means the heating system is off.


Five Convenient Pockets

I’m sure you’ll like pockets. There are a total of 5 pockets that are quality and intelligently designed and easily accessible. I especially like the design of the outer pocket for the Smartphone, located in the front of the left chest. There are also two more outdoor pockets in the area of ​​your waist.

On the inside of the lower right is a network pocket that is specifically designed for your notebook. While on the opposite left side there is a specially designed pocket for storing the battery from where it powers the heating system of your jacket.

It is characteristic that the battery pocket is connected to the Smartphone pocket through a special internal channel. This is a very useful feature because if you run out of battery power on your Smartphone, through this channel you can simply connect the phone to the battery of your jacket at any time to charge it.


The Powerful Battery 12 Volt Max 2.0Ah Battery System

For unobtrusive delivery of the required heat from the heating system to your body, it is supplied with the same battery system used in the Bosch Men’s heated jacket, which is a high-quality Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0Ah battery system. In fact, this system consists of a Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0 Lithium-ion battery, a BHB120 battery holster/controller, and a USB multi-tool compatible charger.


Battery Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0Ah

However, the main question for this Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0 Lithium-ion battery is how long it can deliver energy to the carbon heating elements in this Bosch jacket.

Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0 Lithium-ion battery provides enough electricity for you to get heat for 6 hours continuously. But this only applies if you use the low operating mode. Obviously, if you select one of the higher modes, the battery will last less.

For example, if you were to use the highest heating mode, the battery life would be reduced to around 1.5 to 2 hours. It will also have a big impact on battery life if you use it to power your Smartphone or any other electronic device at the same time.

If you are not satisfied with the capacity of this Bosch battery and if you need a long time to use the heating system of your Bosch heated jacket, I recommend you and it is very practical to get the Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah battery. This battery is much more powerful and can last twice as long as the original Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0 battery.


Multi-Tool Compatible BHB120 Battery Holster/Controller and the USB Charger

This Multi-Tool Compatible BHB120 Battery Holster / Controller allows you to not only use it to power your jacket, but you can also power most of the electronic devices in your home.

Another very practical feature of the BHB120 Battery Holster / Controller is that it has a clip designed on it. With this clip, you will be able to attach the battery system anywhere on your clothes while working and power some of your electronic tools.

In fact, this means that you will be able to use the battery system even when you do not need to wear your Bosch women’s heated jacket.

Otherwise, you will use the USB charger that comes with your heated jacket to power your battery. The time required to fully charge an empty battery is about 2 hours.


You Can Your Smartphone and Other Electronics

As I said earlier in this review, the amazing feature of the battery is that in addition to being able to use it to power your Bosch jacket’s heating system, you can also use it to power your Smartphone and many other electronic devices. On the one hand, this is very practical, and on the other hand, it will save you a lot of money.


Can I Wash the Bosch Women’s Heated Jacket

Yes, the Bosch women’s heated jacket is washable, but only by hand. But, it is not recommended at all for this women’s heated jacket to be washed in the washing machine. The reason is simply clear because during washing in the machine there will be complete damage to the heating system.

It is recommended to wash the jacket by hand with great care, without much squeezing and twisting, with warm soapy water and a sponge. Then gently wipe the jacket with a dry cloth and then allow it to air dry.

One more thing, never dry the jacket in a dryer, for the same reason to don’t damage the heating elements. Always remove the battery beforehand washing.


What Comes with This Bosch Women Heated Jacket

  • 1 Bosch women’s heated jacket PSJ120 12V Max
  • 1 Battery Holster BHB120
  • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery 12V 2.0Ah
  • 1 USB charger


My Conclusion

This Bosch women’s heated jacket is all that women need when they have to protect their bodies from cold, wind, and rain during winter. It has great quality, easy to use, fits well to your body, and what is more important it keeps you warm and comfortable all the time.

This Bosch women’s heated jacket is all that women need when they have a need to warm their bodies during winter. It has great quality, easy to use, fits well to your body, and what is more important it keeps you warm and comfortable all the time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my Bosch women’s heated jacket review.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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