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20 Best Heated Jackets for Men and Women 2024

Best Heated Jackets for Men and Women

Posted On 19/04/2021

If you love to play sports in the winter or have outdoor activities in cold places, owning one of the best heated jackets plays an important role in protecting against the cold.

Heated jackets are one of the most needed heated clothes in protection from low temperatures. This type of clothing also includes heated vests, heated hoods, heated ski boots, heated pants, heated gloves, heated hats, heated socks, and heated scarves.

Possessing this type of clothing facilitates and increases the pleasure of enjoying and performing winter sports in extreme conditions. Workers who often work outdoors in winter or in places where the climate is very cold also have great benefits from having a heated jacket or some of the other heated clothes.

If you want to buy a heated jacket today it is not an easy task at all. The reason is that there are heated jackets on the market with different styles, designs, and features specific to different activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, camping, or for workers who work outdoors in extremely low temperatures.

In this buying guide, I will present you with the list of the best battery heated jackets and in addition, you will also learn what is actually a heated jacket, how to choose a heated jacket according to your needs and also explain the main features of a heated jacket.

To speed up your research here is the Table of Content with the main topics.

But, let’s not owe much; let’s first see the list of the best battery-powered heated jackets for both men and women.

Here is the list of the best-heated jackets for men and women.

Best Battery Powered Heated Jackets for Men 2021

1. Kelvin Jarvis Softshell Heated Jacket

Company: Kelvin

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: Kelvin Jarvis is a lightweight heated jacket that offers great quality, flexibility, and above all, warmth and is made primarily for outdoor activities such as walking, hunting, running, and camping and also can be used for outdoor work.

This heated jacket has 5 heating zones: one large zone on the back and four smaller zones on the front (two in the chest area and two in the front pocket). The main source of power for the heating elements on the Kelvin Jarvis heated jacket is the 7.4v Lithium-Ion battery of 5200 mAh.

This is enough to keep you warm for about 2 hours while using the highest mode, and while for 8 hours, your body will get heat if you use the lowest heating mode. The battery is small, light and it is stored in a specially designed pocket. The battery is charged via a USB port that can also be used to charge your smartphone. You have 3 different heat modes available and they are easily adjusted via the LED button placed in the area of ​​the left side of the chest.

Otherwise, the shell of the Kelvin Jarvis heated jacket is made of materials such as polyester and spandex and has a three-layer bonded insulation that gives this jacket excellent performance when exposed to external conditions. Namely, the jacket has great durability, successfully keeps the heat of your body, and is also resistant to wind and water. I really like the hood that successfully protects you from wind, rain, and snow. Even if the heating elements are turned off, this Kelvin warm jacket will successfully keep you warm.

What We Like


  • Long-lasting battery
  • The tri-layer bonded insulation offers excellent protection from wind and rain
  • 5 heating zones
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Machine Washable

What We Don't Like


  • The hood is not detachable
  • The hood doesn’t have adjustments or strings to tighten, so when it is windy outside, you will have difficulty keeping the hood on your head

2. Milwaukee Jacket M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket

Company: Milwaukee

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: Here we have one of the popular heated jackets, and that is Milwaukee M12 12V Lithium-ion Heated Jacket. This is a very popular jacket among construction workers as well as hunters and fishers. This Milwaukee heated jacket is slightly more expensive than many other heated jackets on this list.

But, we all know that the higher the price the higher the quality. At first, its outer shell is tough, much more durable, and at the same time flexible. You will be protected from all weather influences such as wind, rain, snow, and most of all from the cold which makes this jacket ideal for construction workers.

Normally, this jacket comes with standard three settings for heating like low, medium, and high and they can be controlled by One-touch LED control button that is located on the left chest under the brand’s logo. What I really appreciate about this heated jacket is the two additional heating elements. Actually, there are a total of 5 heating elements located in 3 heated zones as one on the back,  and two in the front chest, and below at the pockets area. And what is more interesting, you can independently control any of the heating zones regarding your needs.

All heating elements are powered by an m12 red lithium battery that is capable to provide power for a maximum of 8 hours when using the highest mode. In case if you need more run time then you can use Milwaukee’s more powerful battery the m12 red lithium.

What We Like


  • You can independently control each heating zone
  • 3 heating zones (chest, front pockets, and back)
  • 5 heating elements
  • High-quality materials
  • The outer shell is very durable and is made of ToughShell stretch polyester that allows 5 times longer life

What We Don't Like


  • Maybe the price
  • I think the sizing is a little bit bigger than actual

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3. ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Company: ORORO

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: When it comes to quality, performance, and price, the ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket is by far the most popular heated jacket on the market today. The Ororo heated jacket is an intelligently designed product to offer maximum protection from external influences on very cold to very windy days.

Its outer soft shell is made of 100% polyester and is completely water-resistant. Thanks to the additional layer of insulation, The Ororo heated jacket offers warmth even when the heating elements are off. Also, the areas around the wrists and collar can be tightened in order to prevent heat from escaping.

In addition, for greater protection of your body, The Ororo heated jacket has a detachable collar that perfectly protects the head from rain and wind.

For additional heating of your body in extremely cold conditions, 3 heating elements made of carbon fibers are in charge and they are placed in key places such as in the middle of the back and on the left and right chest in front for maximum warmth of your body. The heating elements are powered by a 7.4V UL / CE-certified Lithium-Ion battery that can last a maximum of 10 hours in low mode.

Otherwise, this jacket has three heating modes, low, medium, and high. The Ororo heated jacket can be washed in the washing machine so there is no need for handwashing. So, if you love camping, skiing, hiking, playing in the snow or you are working on construction sites when is cold, this ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket is one of the best-heated jackets.

What We Like


  • 10 hours of heating
  • Detachable hood
  • The outer soft shell is 100% polyester
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • It comes with 7.4V UL / CE-certified battery
  • USB port for charging a smartphone and other devices

What We Don't Like


  • The zipper is on the left side which is unusual for a men’s heated jacket

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4. Venture Heat Men’s Softshell Heated Jacket

Company: Venture

Price: $$$

Our Raing: 9.5/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: The next that I have on my list is the Venture Heat Men’s Softshell Heated Jacket. In terms of price and performance, this jacket does not differ much from the previous model. This Venture Heat Softshell Heated Jacket is an updated model that has 20% larger heating elements without sacrificing the battery’s life.

But, Venture Heat Men’s Softshell Heated Jacket instead of three heating elements it has four which are covering 3 zones. Actually, the largest heating element is on the back, two of them are in the front chest area and the fourth heating element is on the collar of the jacket which increases the efficiency of this heated jacket. All of them can distribute heat for many hours protecting your body from cold.

Same as many heated jackets, also this one has three heat settings. By using the highest setting you should expect around 3 hours of heating, but if you use the lowest heat setting your body can be heated for about 12 hours.

The Venture Heat Men’s Heated Jacket is powered by a 7.4v rechargeable 5200mAh UL Certified battery, that can also be used as a portable power bank for charging your smartphone and other smart devices. But, you should know that by charging other devices the battery life will be shortened.

This is a lightweight heated jacket and the exterior is 100% made of polyester material. It has a lot of pocket storage space, a total of 5 pockets and they are all with zippers. Besides that, the jacket is water-resistant as well as windproof.

What We Like


  • Its price is affordable
  • 4 heating elements including the one on the collar
  • 20% of expanded heating elements
  • Washing and drying this heated jacket in a washing machine and dryer is safe
  • 3 heat settings
  • The jacket is lightweight and flexible

What We Don't Like


  • There are no heating elements in the area of the side pockets

5. Dewalt 20V Heated Jacket

Company: DeWalt

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Gander: Men’s

Overview: Unlike most heated jackets on this list which are primarily intended for outdoor sports activities the Dewalt 20 Volt heavy-duty heated jacket is intended for those people who work outdoors in winter conditions or in places where temperatures are freezing.

This heated jacket is made to last a very long time. That is why it has a thick woven outer shell that is characterized by great durability. While the interior has a layer of warm thick fleece that gives you warmth and comfort even when the heating elements are not included.

Speaking of the heating system, this jacket has 4 heating zones and 4 heating elements arranged in key places on the body such as two on the chest, one on the back, and one on the collar. For your convenience, you have 3 different settings available, so you can easily and simply adjust the heat of your body to your needs. The operation with these heating modes is performed through a button located on the inside in the area of ​​the left chest.

The heating system is powered by a powerful 20-volt MAX battery which in the lowest mode allows the jacket to keep you warm for 9 hours non-stop. A big advantage of this DEWALT DCHJ060C1-S 20V / 12V heated jacket is that it is compatible with all batteries used for tools manufactured by DEWALT. So in case, you need an extra battery for a much longer duration of your body heating you can simply use any of the batteries used to power the tools from this company. This means you do not have to spend extra money on an extra battery.

The jacket comes with five pockets, which is quite enough pocket space to carry the necessary items with you. Otherwise, this jacket will effectively protect you from external influences such as wind and rain. But this heated jacket, in addition to many positive features, has several disadvantages such as it does not have a hood and its price is slightly higher than most models on this list.

What We Like


  • 3 heating modes plus pre-heat function
  • 4 thermal zones
  • 5 pockets with zippers
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • 9 hours of heating time in low mode
  • It is characterized by great durability

What We Don't Like


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It doesn’t come with a hood
  • The battery is a little bit bulky and heavy

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6. Makita DCJ205ZXL 18V Heated Jacket

Company: Makita

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: Makita DCJ205ZXL 18V is another product that workers should consider. This heated jacket may not be as popular as the heated jackets from popular brands such as DEWALT, Bosch, and Milwaukee, but it still has a lot to offer. So let’s see what you will get if you invest in this Makita DCJ205ZXL 18V heated jacket.

In addition to the standard three levels of warmth, which is standard for all warm jackets, the Makita Warm Jacket stands out for its adjustable cuffs with hooks and loops so you can better adjust your sleeves to prevent heat from escaping.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the heating elements are powered by a powerful 6.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Makita 18V LXT®. What is really fantastic is that this battery allows the heating panels to deliver heat for up to 35 hours in a low mode which is a rarity when it comes to the battery life of other heated jackets. But, the main problem is that the battery is sold separately.

Makita 18V has five heating zones, one on the left chest and one on the right chest, one on each of the two front pockets, and one on the back. For your belongings, you have 5 pockets which should be enough storage space. Makita DCJ205ZXL 18V is a lightweight heated jacket whose construction is mostly made of polyester which provides excellent protection from external elements. The construction of the heated jacket is mostly made of polyester, which provides excellent protection from external elements. The Makita DCJ205ZXL 18V heated jacket is ideal for outdoor workers, camping, fishing, skiing as well as riding a motorcycle.

What We Like


  • Offers a lot for an affordable price
  • It features a battery that lasts ultra-long
  • 5 Heating zones
  • It has adjustable cuffs with hooks and loops on the sleeves
  • Perfect protection from the cold, rain, and wind

What We Don't Like


  • The battery is sold separately

7. PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket

Company: PROSmart

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Gender: Men’s

PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket is one of the most affordable heated jackets and is able to keep your body warm up to 16 hours which is fantastic for such a product that costs under $130. For the same price, you can buy a normal winter jacket. This PROSmart heated jacket is made from 100% polyester which not only keeps the warmth but also offers great flexibility. It comes with an easily removable hood and it’s fully waterproof which makes it suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities as well as work.

It is obvious that the heating elements are placed in the standard key locations. Two heating elements are placed on the front and one on the upper back. The heating elements are made from carbon and are powered by a standard 12v battery which as I mentioned before, the manufacturer PROSmart says can last for up to 16 hours.

Actually, PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket offers three heating modes such as low, medium, and high. Also, I need to mention that the 16 hours of heating time will only be on the lowest heat setting. But, by selecting the highest settings, the battery won’t last that long, it would be about 6 hours and if you select the medium setting you will get 10 hours of heat time.

The other good thing about the battery is that it’s much thinner than the batteries of its competitors and it’s barely noticeable inside the jacket’s pocket. PROSmart Heated Jacket is ideal for outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, fishing, skiing, hiking, and outdoor camping.

What We Like


  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Removable hood
  • Long-lasting heat time up to 16 hours
  • Soft, comfortable, and flexible
  • The jacket is machine washable
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • The 12v battery can be used as a replacement battery for other brands

What We Don't Like


  • It would be nice if the jacket has heating elements in the side pockets areas

8. Ravean Down Heated Jacket

Company: Ravean

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Gender: Men

Overview: If you are a fan of Down Jackets and often want to enjoy winter sports activities but low temperatures deprive you of pleasure in your outdoor activities then the solution to your problem is the Ravean Down Heated Jacket.

For complete enjoyment, while skiing, snowboarding, and camping or often looking for winter adventures, this Ravean Down Heated Jacket has a total of 6 carbon heating elements to protect you from extremely low temperatures. This is really impressive considering that the usual number of heating elements in heated jackets ranges from 3 to 5.

These heaters are ideally placed in key places to ensure the most efficient heating of your body. In addition to your back and chest, heat is also provided in the lower front of the outer pockets. Now, whenever you feel cold on your hands you simply put them in the pockets of your jacket and enjoy the warmth.

But the Ravean Company goes one step further in the utility of this jacket. In fact, this jacket has a hood that additionally protects your head from the cold, especially when it is raining or windy. This jacket is also easily removable, so when you do not need a hood you can simply remove it. But the beauty of this Ravean Down Jacket is not only in its ability to keep you warm when you are cold but also in its stylish, elegant, and comfortable design.

But when you take into account the fact that the outer shell is made of materials that effectively repel water and protect you from the wind, it is clear that it is a really well-designed product that you will always enjoy while wearing it. Let me not forget to say that the jacket is breathable, very light and you can easily pack it when you travel.

I really like that this Ravean Down Heated Jacket offers a huge pocket space for your items. You have as many as 8 very spacious pockets at your disposal, which is a great rarity when it comes to heated jackets.

Another positive thing about this heated jacket is that it has a multi-purpose battery. Besides the fact that this 12v 10050mah battery powers the carbon heaters, it can also be used to charge electronic devices, including your mobile phone. Plus this battery has an LED flashlight which can be very useful in conditions when visibility is drastically reduced. This feature is rarely found in batteries from other manufacturers of heated jackets.

Plus when you take into account the fact the affordable price of this Ravean Down heated jacket I think this is the right choice for winter adventures.

What We Like


  • Powerful 12v 10050mah Lithium-Ion battery
  • 6 carbon heating elements
  • Easily removable hood
  • 8 spacious pockets
  • The battery features a LED flashlight
  • It is a light and breathable jacket
  • It is a machine washable

What We Don't Like


  • The jacket is offered only in one color
  • Some customers are complaining about the price, but I personally think its price is affordable compared to what this jacket offers

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9. Bosch Men’s 12 Volt Heated Jacket

Company: Bosch

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.2/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: Here is another high-quality heated jacket and it comes from the well known brand Bosch, actually I am talking about the model Bosch Men’s 12 Volt heated jacket. Like the heated jackets from Dewalt and Milwaukee, this one also is made in mind for people who work outside where the temperatures are below zero.

The production of this Bosch men’s jacket is on high level. At first, the outer shell of the jacket is soft but it’s made from high durable materials that are resistant to wind and rain and at the same time it perfectly keeps the body’s temperature. But, of course, the main purpose of this jacket is to provide a heat to your body when the weather gets cold. For that purpose, the Bosch Men’s heated jacket has built-in heating elements which are located in three main zones.

You can easily adjust the desired temperature to your body by selecting one of the three different settings. The Bosch jacket is powered by M12 battery which on the highest setting can provide you about six hours of heat which is satisfactory. The battery as well has a USB charging port, so whenever you need to charge your smart phone or other electrical devices, you can use Bosch battery as a power bank. Besides that the Bosch men’s heated jacket offers great flexibility and comfort as well.

What We Like


  • It offers high-quality, durability, and comfort
  • It is resistant to the elements like water and wind
  • Three heating elements along with three heat settings
  • You can charge all your electrical devices including your Smartphone
  • 5 pockets for storage

What We Don't Like


  • Many people will be not satisfied by the run time of the battery which 6 hours in the highest mod, so if you need longer time of heating, you will need to by another battery separately

10. Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zones Heated Jacket

Company: Gobi Heat

Our Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: On this list, we have another product that is similar to the Ravean Down heated jacket and that is the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone. If you like Ravean Down heated jacket, I have no doubt that the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone jacket will attract your attention.

It is also a very lightweight puffer jacket whose design is made to successfully retain heat from your body. The jacket fits your body nicely and will keep you warm even if you do not use the heating system. In a word, Gobi Heat Nomad is a very warm and comfortable jacket for any outdoor occasion.

The outer shell is made of 100% nylon which repels water well and also offers excellent protection when it is windy outside. Inside this puffer jacket, there is a layer of fleece insulation which additionally increases comfort and warmth. In addition, it gives you great flexibility making it ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Like the Ravean heated jacket, this Gobi jacket comes with a hood to protect your head when it is raining and windy. But this hood has one drawback; it is not removable, which some people will not like.

In order to protect you from extreme temperatures, the Gobi Heat 5 features a heating system that consists of 5 carbon heating elements placed in certain places such as on the back where there is a larger heating panel, on the chest where there is one on the left and right side and one heater behind each of the outer hand pockets.

Like most heated jackets on this list, this one also offers you the option of choosing one of several heating modes. Specifically, there are 3 heating modes and they are easily controlled via the one-touch button located on the left side of the chest above the Gobi Heat logo.

The Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone heated jacket can be found in only one color, Onyx-black, which is another small drawback for such a quality product. But the good thing is that you do not have to wash it by hand, it is machine washable. However, it is certain that the Gobi Heat warm jacket will make most winter sports fans happy

What We Like


  • It features a hood
  • The external pockets are heated
  • The jacket is warm, lightweight, and flexible
  • 3 heating modes
  • 5 heating zones
  • The jacket can provide about 9 hours of heat with one charge

What We Don't Like


  • The hood is not removable
  • Only three pockets

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11. OUTCOOL Men’s Heated Jacket with Hood

Company: OUTCOOL

Price: $$

Our Price: 9.0/10

Gender: Men’s

Overview: OUTCOOL Heated Jacket is an excellent choice for men who are looking for a heated jacket that is affordable and at the same time offers above-average performance and satisfactory quality. The jacket is very warm; it comes with four heating zones (left and right chest, back, and collar). It offers you 3 levels of heating such as high, medium, and low.

In the highest level, you will get 3-4 hours of heat, by setting the medium level the jacket will provide 6-7 hours of heat, and by using the lowest level the warming time is between 9 and 10 hours which is enough time to enjoy sports and other outdoor activities with your friends in the winter season.

Choosing the desired level of heat is simple and easy by using the LED button on the left chest. This OUTCOOL heated jacket. Even if you don’t turn on the heating, the OUTCOOL jacket still can warm up your body when the temperatures outside are not freezing. The heated jacket is versatile and offers maximum comfort and breathability at an affordable price. It is a great choice for everybody.

What We Like


  • The jacket is machine washable
  • About 10 hours of heating
  • Water-proof and very durable fabric
  • Low price
  • Protective hood
  • Three temperature settings plus preheating mode

What We Don't Like


  • The hood is not detachable

Best Electric Heated Jackets for Women 2021

1. ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Company: ORORO

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: For women who are looking for a slim, lightweight, and stylish heated jacket that can keep the body warm and toasty this Ororo heated jacket for women is the one that should be considered the best choice. This women’s heated jacket uses the same quality and durable materials as the men’s version. The outer Softshell successfully retains heat from escaping thanks to the fleece lining.

While the inside of this heated jacket has a down fill that contains duck feathers which is an excellent insulator and successfully traps and retains heat, so even when the heating system is not turned on, this jacket will successfully keep you warm in cold winter days. So whenever you go out whether you intend to walk, run, or do something, you will really enjoy wearing this lightweight, and stylish heated jacket.

Also when it is raining you do not need to worry because this product is water-resistant and another thing you will love is that it comes with a removable hood that prevents rain and snow from getting inside.

Plus the heating system is set to heat the three main areas of your body such as the back, left, and right chest. It is powered by a powerful 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery that can last for about 10 hours if you use the low heating mode. Otherwise, you have three heating settings to use: low, high, and medium.

Few more things the battery of this product has a USB port so you don’t need to worry if the battery of your cellphone is low, you can easily plug your cellphone into the battery of the heated jacket for recharging, this heated jacket is 100% machine washable and one of the three offered colors such as Black, Black/Purple, and Purple.

What We Like


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Classic, stylish design
  • Removable Hood
  • Three heat settings
  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like


  • The process of disconnecting and reconnecting the battery for some people will be difficult
  • Some people say that the battery is a bit heavy
  • The material of the inner pocket that is intended for the battery is very thin and every time you are zipping and unzipping the pocket you get the feeling that you will tear it

2. Ptahdus Women’s Heated Jacket Soft Shell

Company: Ptahdus

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: Ptahdus Women’s Heated Jacket Soft Shell is another great product that offers a lot for an affordable price. Namely, at first sight, the Ptahdus Women’s Heated Jacket looks like an everyday modern women’s jacket, it makes you feel warm and comfortable and it easily compliances with what you wear.

But, what makes it special about this women’s heated jacket is the carbon fiber heating elements that are covering the vital parts of your body such as the left and right side of the chest, then down in the area of the left and right pocket as well as on the upper back.

Those carbon heaters are powered by a 7.4V lithium-ion battery that is capable of providing enough power to keep your body warm for up to 8 hours when using the lowest mode. But by using the medium or high heating mode, it is normal that the battery life will be drastically reduced, 6 hours in medium mode or 3 hours in high mode.

Normally, as with other models of heated jackets, the battery of this jacket can also be used to power your phone and other smart devices. Otherwise, in addition to the three different heating levels, this jacket also has a pre-heating mode so that you will feel the warmth of your body within a few seconds.

What I really like is that you have two buttons for heat control. One button is used to manage the heat in the area of your chest and back and the other button is used to control the heat in the area of the hand pockets.

Another thing worth mentioning about Ptahdus Women’s Heated Jacket Soft Shell is that the exterior is made of completely waterproof and breathable materials including coating with high resistance to weather influences, which is labeled as DWR (permanent water repellent).

What We Like


  • Two separate controls for body and hand warming
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • High-quality carbon heating elements
  • 5 heating areas (back, left and right chest, left and right pockets)
  • Affordable price
  • stylish design
  • Hood

What We Don't Like


  • The hood is not removable

3. Venustas Women’s 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Company: Venustas

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: This women’s heated jacket comes from the not so well-known brand Venustas, which produces high-quality heated clothes such as heated jackets, heated vests, heated hoods, and heated equipment. In this case, it is about Venustas women’s (3-in-1) heated jacket which stands out from the competition both in terms of design and innovative and unique approach to protection from extreme weather conditions.

Namely, this women’s heated jacket consists of two different layers, a lightweight waterproof outer shell made of 100% nylon and a heated inner fleece jacket that you can remove whenever you want.

Depending on how cold you feel, you can combine what you will wear, whether it will be just the outer waterproof shell as a separate women’s jacket, or you will wear the inner part which has built-in heating elements such as a separate women’s heated jacket or you will wear them both parts together for maximum protection from extreme temperatures.

This means that the Venustas women’s (3-in-1) heated jacket can be worn in all weather conditions which makes it one of the best choices on this list.

The inner heated fleece has integrated three different carbon fiber heating elements. They are placed in five key areas such as mid-back, left and right abdomen, and left and right shoulder. These carbon fiber heating elements are powered by a 7.4V 6000mAh battery that can last more than 10 hours on a low setting which is one of the long-lasting batteries. On the battery, there are 2 USB ports for charging your phone and another smart device at the same time.

As most heated jackets also in this women’s heated jacket has three different heating modes: high, medium, and low setting. This heated jacket also has a removable hood that protects your head from all-weather influences and also prevents the cold air from entering and the heat from escaping.

Another thing that made this heated jacket stands out and I also like it personally is that it has wrist cuffs, otherwise a small number of women’s warm jackets have this feature. These wrist cuffs help a lot in preventing heat from escaping as well as getting cold inside. Plus Venustas women’s (3-in-1) heated jacket has quality YKK zippers and can be washed in the washing machine which is another plus for this high-quality product from Venustas. And what is more amazing about this quality product is its low price.

What We Like


  • The battery life is more than 10 hours when the low setting of heating
  • Machine washable
  • Removable hood
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Waterproof storage box for the battery
  • Affordable price
  • When you buy this product you get a hooded waterproof outer shell and an inner fleece heated jacket

What We Don't Like


  • Some users complain about the durability of the battery

4. Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket Insulated Electric Coat

Company: Venture Heat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: If you are looking for a soft-shell heated jacket that can offer great insulation, then you should take a look at this beautifully designed Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket. This jacket has approximately the same qualities as the heated jackets from the more expensive premium brands when it comes to design and usability, but at a much more affordable price.

What I like is the offer of this warm jacket in three colors, Plum, Navy, and Black. It is designed for going out in cold conditions, it will fit perfectly with what you wear in the winter, and the jacket is very durable and offers excellent performance when it comes to heating.

In addition to the two heaters in the front of the chest area and one in the upper back, this jacket also has an additional heater on the collar to warm your neck and prevent cold air from entering inside.

Thanks to the 7.4V 5200 mAh battery, you can get heat for 10 hours in low mode, while you can get 6 and 3 hours when setting in medium and high mode. In addition to the battery pack, it also contains a charger for charging your mobile phone or other electronic devices.

In addition to protecting you from the cold, the Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket can also protect you from wind and rain thanks to its waterproof outer shell. This jacket is not only stylish and comfortable, but also offers plenty of pocket space for storing your needed items. It actually has 3 outer pockets with a zipper and three inner pockets including the battery pocket. And do not forget this heated jacket is also machine washable and it is backed by a 12-month warranty.

What We Like


  • Light and flexible
  • Excellent heating
  • The battery can last a maximum of 10 hours in the low setting
  • Stylish and it comes in three colors Black, Plum, and Navy
  • An additional heater in the neck area
  • Great price

What We Don't Like


  • It would be nice to have heating in the area of ​​the outer pockets

5. Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket Fullerton for Women

Company: Kelvin

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: Are you looking for something more fashionable and robust that offers great insulation and can warm your body anytime when the weather outside is extremely chilly, then this Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket for women is the perfect choice for you. This Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket protects you in all extreme conditions whether it is rain, snow or there is a strong and chilly wind.

To provide top protection from extreme weather influences, this heated jacket is made of high-quality materials that have high durability and insulation capabilities and are also water-resistant. The Kelvin coats heated jacket is a perfect blend of design and technology and not only warms your body but also offers comfort and elegance whenever you wear it.

In terms of technology, the heating system of this heated jacket focuses on five key areas of your body such as the left and right sides of the chest, the left and right sides of the abdomen, and the upper back. You are offered three temperature settings, so you will have complete control over the heating of your body

This heating system is powered by a 7.4V 5200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery which can supply the heating elements with energy for a maximum of 8 hours when using the low heating setting. Not only that, the battery pack of this heated jacket has a built-in 5V USB charging connection that allows you to instantly charge your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches at any time.

This Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket for Women is offered in different sizes such as X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

What We Like


  • Elegant design
  • Great comfort
  • The heating system covers 5 zones of your body
  • The battery can power up the heating system to 8 hours in low mode
  • The battery has a USB charging connection for your electrical devices

What We Don't Like


  • The high price

6. Smarkey Heated Jacket for Women

Company: Smarkey

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: On this list, we have a heated jacket that comes from the not-so-popular company Smarkey, but that does not mean that its products do not have quality. In fact, the Smarkey Women Heated Jacket has all the qualities that a high-end heated jacket should have. First, the outer shell of the jacket is made of 100% polyester, which makes the jacket completely resistant to wind and water.

If you are walking, running, camping, working outdoors, or in case if you are in areas where temperatures are below zero then you do not need to worry at all, because this Smarkey women heated jacket has a heating system that consists of three carbon heating elements arranged in three key areas, one heater on the back and two on the chest.

All you have to do is select the desired heating mode by pressing the button located on the left chest. In fact, you can choose one of the four offered heating settings, high, medium, and low plus pre-heat mode. In accordance with the selected operating temperature mode, the LED indicator will illuminate a certain color.

Depending on the selected heating mode, this heated jacket will keep you warm from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 hours. To power the heating elements, along with the jacket you will get a 7.4V 5200mAh battery and a portable charger.

As for the design of the Smarkey women’s heated jacket, it is a slim, fit design. So in order to choose the ideal size of your jacket, you will need to measure your body at the specific points listed in the size chart. You will really enjoy wearing this heated jacket wherever you go.

What We Like


  • The Jacket is a lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Pre-heat mode
  • Slim and fit design

What We Don't Like


  • It doesn’t come with a hood
  • There are no heaters on the front pockets

7. Kelvin Coats Heated Jacket for Women – Black Parka

Company: Kelvin

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: Here is one more premium women’s heated jacket that comes from the brand Kelvin and this one comes with a detachable hood and a parka that offers great protection for your head. The outer design is almost the same as the previous women’s heated jacket from Kelvin which means it is more fashionable and stylish and at the same time you can be perfectly protected from the cold in the coldest weather conditions.

Its design will fit perfectly on the female body and the materials from which this heated jacket is made offer great flexibility and comfort. This premium women’s heated jacket from Kelvin offers excellent protection from strong winds, rain, and snow thanks to the triple insulation located inside.

The heating system of this heated jacket consists of heating elements made of carbon fiber where the most modern heating technology is used. The heating elements are placed in 5 vital places to provide ideal heating for your body. Even if you don’t use the heating system, this Kelvin women’s heated jacket provides enough warmth for your body.

In order to enable ideal heating of your body, the heating elements are placed on 5 vital areas such as the upper back, left and right chest, and the left and right sides of your stomach.

To provide energy to the heating system, a powerful 7.4V 5,200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery is used, which allows the heating elements to produce heat for 8 hours in low operating mode, which is enough for any of your outdoor activities. Plus the battery has a 5V USB charging port so you can charge your smartphone’s battery any time you need.

You are offered 3 standard heating settings, high, medium, and low, so you can adjust your ideal heat depending on the external conditions. This Kelvin Women’s Parka Heated Jacket is simply amazing and I highly recommend it to any women that are looking for the best premium, fashionable, and stylish heated jacket.

What We Like


  • High-quality fabrics in its production
  • The heated jacket is lightweight, flexible, and highly comfortable
  • Maximum 8 hours of heating
  • You can charge your smartphone and other electrical devices
  • 5 heating areas
  • Detachable hood and a parka

What We Don't Like


  • Only its high price

8. Bosch Women’s 12V Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Company: Bosch

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: If you are one of those women who often work on construction sites or have some other work in the open air and often face low temperatures then it would be nice to consider the Bosch Women’s 12V heated jacket. So, when designing this jacket, special emphasis is placed on quality, durability, and also on usability.

It is common for this type of heated jacket to have a 100% polyester outer shell with high water repellency and wind resistance. But also this heated jacket from Bosch is designed to give you flexibility and comfort while working.

When temperatures drop below zero, you can simply turn on the carbon fiber heating panels located at three key locations on the chest and back. Like the other models on this list, this jacket also offers low, medium, and high heating modes, so that depending on the external conditions, you can comfortably set the ideal required body temperature.

Its Bosch 12-Volt Max 2.0 Lithium-ion battery will allow the heating system to heat you continuously for 6 hours non-stop in the lowest setting. The capacity of this battery is not really commendable if you compare the battery capacity of the other models on this list which is one of the negative features of this heated jacket.

This problem can be solved by buying an extra battery, but it also increases your costs. However, it is a high-quality and durable product that you can use for many seasons. The main disadvantage is its high price which around 200$.

What We Like


  • Great flexibility and durability
  • Satisfactory pocket space: five in total
  • Three-layer TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insulation
  • It has a high collar that protects the neck from windy weather

What We Don't Like


  • The low capacity of the battery, only 6 hours with one charge
  • The price should be more affordable
  • The high collar and pockets should feature heaters

9. Mobile Warming Dual Power Women’s Heated Jacket

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.0/10

Gender: Women’s

Overview: Mobile Warming is another company that has a long tradition in the production of heated jackets, heated vests, heated socks, heated pants, and more. First of all, what sets this Mobile Warming women’s heated jacket apart from the competition is that it is designed to be connected to two different power sources: the 12v 5200mAh lithium-ion battery that comes with the jacket or in the electrical system of your vehicle.

This heated jacket is a great choice if you enjoy riding a motorcycle. To save the battery of the jacket you simply plug the jacket into the 12V battery system of your motorcycle. But when you are not riding a motorcycle then you can use the battery of the jacket.

Otherwise, this women’s heated jacket from mobile warming has 5 heating elements located in several locations, 2 heating elements on the chest, one on the left and right sleeve, and one on the back.

Unlike other heated jackets, Mobile Warming women’s heated jacket has 4 heating settings wherein the low mode you will get heating for a maximum of 11 hours and in the highest mode for 3 hours. The temperature is simply controlled via the built-in waterproof touch button which indicates a separate color for each heating mode.

The fleece liner will make you feel comfortable while wearing the jacket. Otherwise, you will be ideally protected from rain and wind thanks to advanced fiber technology that uses insulating fabrics and special layering techniques for maximum heat retention. The construction of the coat consists of Wind-Shark 4-Way Stretch Soft Shell which has breathable windproof membranes and also effectively repels the water.

Mobile Warming women’s heated jacket can be washed in the washing machine. When washing the jacket, it is advisable to use Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle only and when drying, Tumble Dry Cycle on Low Heat. Never use cycles such as Bleach, Dry Clean, Wring, and Iron.

Another very useful feature that you will love is the INTEGRATED DUAL POWER CONNECTORS. This allows you to simply plug your Dual Power heated gloves and Dual Power heated pants into the Dual Power heated jacket wire harness. So if you need to ride a motorcycle in very extreme conditions then the Mobile Warming Dual Power system on this heated jacket is the ideal solution for you.

What We Like


  • INTEGRATED DUAL POWER CONNECTORS so you can plug your heated pants and heated gloves into the Dual Power heated jacket wire harness.
  • 5 heating zones (one on the back, one on each sleeve, and 2 on the chest)
  • You have a choice to plug the heated jacket into a battery or you can use the 12V electrical system of your vehicle
  • The windproof and waterproof outer shell

What We Don't Like


  • This mobile warming women’s heated jacket doesn’t feature a hood
  • Its price
  • The front pockets don’t have heaters

Heated Jackets: The Buying Guide

What is a Heated Jacket?

A heated jacket is actually a jacket that has heating elements in certain places such as the front of the chest and the back, in order to provide warmth to your body. Some heated jackets have additional heating elements around the neck, sleeves, and in the area of the pockets.

Two types of heating elements are most often used in heated jackets:

  • In the first type of heating elements are used materials such as metal, copper, iron, or aluminum or a combination with some of them.
  • While the second type of heating elements that are used in heated clothes lately, they are mostly made of carbon fiber

But the manufacturers of heated jackets usually opt for the use of carbon elements. Carbon fiber heating elements are more durable, more flexible, much lighter, and most importantly they can be machine washed.

Batteries are commonly used to power the heating elements in heated jackets. Mostly there are two types of batteries that are used in heated jackets such as lithium and nickel-metal batteries. Most heated jackets can use the same batteries used to power cordless tools.


Which is The Best Heated Jacket for You?

The main purposes of the heated jacket are: it first protects you from external influences such as cold, wind, dust, and rain thanks to the quality and high durability of the outer shell, and secondly, it retains and keeps the heat from your body and with the help of the heating elements that are placed into the fabrics, it produces additional heat depending on your needs.

Because heated jackets have the ability to warm your body, you do not need to wear more clothes in the winter. Simply besides your heated jacket, underneath you can wear some lighter clothes so that you will feel comfortable, warm, and relaxed.

Depending on the style and your needs also, you can wear the heated jacket alone or in combination with other clothes underneath so that the heated jacket will be on the inside as an inner layer. Most heated jackets, in addition to producing heat for your body, also allow you to charge a variety of electronic devices.

Before buying a heated jacket, think carefully about your needs for such a product. It will depend on what outdoor activities you will have such as: do you work outdoors, do you do sports, do you go for walks often, do you go fishing or hunting and so on, then from what material it is made of, and of course what your budget is.

So, to make it clearer here are some examples of what type of warm jacket you should choose. As I explained earlier in this buying guide, the heated jacket should match your outdoor activity, for example:

  • If you need a heated jacket for motorcycling then you should go with the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner.
  • If you love to go hiking with your friends then one of the best choices for hiking is Ravean Men’s Down Heated Jacket
  • If you often go hunting or fishing then for that activities you should choose the Milwaukee M12 RealTree Camo Heated Jacket which is a great heated jacket for hunting and ice fishing
  • If you are looking for a heavy-duty heated jacket my choices from my list are Dewalt 20 Volt and Milwaukee M12 12V heated jackets
  • In case you are looking for heated jackets for skiing and snowboarding or other extreme winter sport then you should take a look at Gobi Heat Shift Men’s Heated Jacket

These are just examples of how to choose a perfect heated jacket that will match your outdoor activities. So take some time and think about your specific needs and of course do not forget to include your budget.

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What to Look for When Buying a Best Heated Jacket


From What Materials Are Made Heated Jackets?

We know that the main task of heated jackets is to protect us from extremely low temperatures, especially in winter. However, they are also designed to protect us from other external influences such as rain, snow, and wind. Therefore, these jackets have two, three, or more layers of insulation.

In fact, heated jackets usually have an outer shell as protection from external influences and an additional inner layer as insulation to retain the heat coming from your body and the heating elements in extremely cold conditions. This inner layer is often made of soft fleece in combination with cotton or other material to offer breathability, great comfort, and coziness.

While the outer shell usually is made of polyester and sometimes in combination with nylon. Polyester has excellent performance when it comes to water and wind resistance compared to other materials such as nylon and fleece. That is why polyester is most often used as an outer protective coating in almost all heated clothes. While the fleece, more is used as an additional inner layer.

But as I said a while ago, to improve the insulation of some models of heated jackets, another third additional layer of insulation is added between the outer shell and the inner layer.


From What Materials Are Made Heating Elements?

Today, for the production of heating elements used in heated clothing and heated equipment, various solutions, technologies, and materials are used in order to obtain a product with higher quality, greater durability, excellent flexibility, efficiency, and also to have an affordable price on the market.

So, for the production of these heating elements commonly is used alloy that can be a combination of several materials such as nickel, chrome, copper, iron, steel, or aluminum or only carbon fiber can be used for their production.

Compared to the carbon heating elements, the heating elements that are made of the alloy have many disadvantages and today they are less and less used in heated clothing. The main disadvantages of these heating elements are their high weight, stiffness, low flexibility, not economical, poor efficiency, and clothes with this type of heating elements cannot be washed in a washing machine.

On the other hand, heated jackets with carbon fiber heating elements have many advantages, such as being machine washable, they are more efficient and flexible, they weigh less, they have more durability, and they are more resistant to external influences as well as being safer.

Heating elements can be made in a variety of shapes such as metal mesh systems, panels, wires, strips, tubes, and carbon fiber embedded in the fabric. Usually, the heating elements are placed in vital places in the heated jackets themselves from where they deliver heat to your body.


What Are the Styles and Fits of Heated Jackets?

The main purposes of the heated jacket are:

  • To protect you from external influences such as cold, wind, dust, and rain thanks to the quality and high durability of the outer shell
  • To retain and keep the heat from your body
  • With the help of the heating elements to produce additional heat depending on your needs


However, a number of popular brands such as Ororo, Kelvin, Mobile Warming, and Ravean, in addition to focusing on their heated jackets to provide protection from the elements, to warm the body, to have great flexibility and durability, and to be more comfortable, they also make their heated jackets more stylish and fashionable with a great look.

Today you can find heated jackets for all kinds of purposes such as hunting, fishing, winter sports, outdoor construction, motorcycling, and so on, and they have a different design, style, and features.

Also, heated jackets differ in the way they fit. Some of them have a loose fit where the warm air is likely to come out and the cold air to enter. With this style of jackets, the heating elements need to heat more space and work for a longer time, which means that they will consume more energy than the battery.

While some heated jackets fit nicely to the body, they have cuffs on the sleeves and straps on the waist to prevent the loss of warm air and thus the heating elements will work less time and will also save power from your battery. So when buying a heated jacket, try to choose a jacket that will fit well to your body and match the style of your outdoor activities.


How Many Pockets Has the Heated Jacket?

The number of pockets that a heated jacket has is also an important feature to consider when choosing them. Their number varies from 4 to 8 pockets; it depends on the brand, style, and for what outdoor activities they are made.

For example, some heated jackets such as ORORO Men’s Soft Shell offer 4 pockets for your necessary things while Ravean Men’s Down X offers more pocket space, a total of 8 pockets.

It will depend on their number, how much we can take our necessary things with us. This is especially important for people who are engaged in hunting, fishing, camping, and construction work.


How Many Heating Elements and Heating Zones Has a Heating Jacket?

The heating system of heated jackets consists of several heating elements which can count from 3 to 8. The heating elements are located in the vital places of the body which are called heating zones. A heated jacket can have 3, 4, 5, and even 6 heating zones.

The most common heating zones are the upper back and the left and right sides of the chest. But some models of heated jackets have additional heating zones such as in the area of the collar, on both sleeves, and in the area of the two front pockets.

In fact, the greater the number of heating zones in a heated jacket, the greater the number of heating elements. A larger number of heating zones means greater coverage of the body with heating elements and better warming of the body, especially in extreme conditions.


How Many Heating Modes Has the Heated Jacket?

To better manage the heat generated by the heating elements for your body, heated jackets have a control system that offers different heating modes for the heating elements.

The usual number of heating modes that a heated jacket has is 3 such as low, medium, and high. But on some cheaper models, the number of heating settings is reduced to only two, high and low. While some more expensive premium models have an additional fourth mode in addition to the three regular heating modes, it is the preheating mode.

The greater the number of heating modes means the more possibilities (choices, freedom) you have to adjust the ideal heat of your body. You will also be able to better manage the energy used by the heating elements from the battery and thus extend the life of the battery itself.

The heating control system is usually located in the upper left part of the chest in the form of an LED button. This button has multiple functions such as turning the heating system on and off and selecting the desired heating mode.

Depending on which heating mode you have selected, the LED button will light the appropriate color. For example, if you select the highest heating mode, the button will light up in red, by selecting the middle mode the color will change to green or blue if the lowest mode is on. As I said, this is just an example for better clarification otherwise the colors shown by the LED button on the heated jacket are different for each brand.


What Type of Batteries Are Used in the Heated Jackets

The main source of energy for the heating elements of your heated jacket is a battery or battery pack that comes along with the heated jacket.


Type of the Batteries

When we talk about batteries used in heated clothing, they are usually nickel metal or lithium rechargeable batteries. There are two types of lithium batteries such as lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. This type of battery is very durable, efficient, and safe to use.


Voltage and Amperage

The main features that are very important in these batteries and to which we should pay attention are their voltage and their amperage expressed in volt and milliampere-hours (mAh). Higher voltage allows higher maximum output temperature when the heating elements are set to the highest heating mode, while the mAh determines the capacity of the battery.

  • Voltage: When it comes to voltage, there are three types that are most commonly used in heated clothes: 5, 7.4, and 12-volt batteries. In the heated jackets most commonly are used 7.4 and 12-volt batteries.
  • Amperage: As for the amperage of the rechargeable batteries, it ranges from 2200 mAh to 7000 mAh. Specifically for heated jackets, the amperage of their batteries ranges from 4000mAh to 7000mAh.


The Battery Life

Otherwise, the battery life with a single charge in different brands and models of the heated jackets is different and can vary from 2 to 12 or more hours. But many factors can affect the battery life such as:

  • The extreme temperature outside
  • Which heating mode you use, and how long.
  • Also, when you use the heating system of the jacket, do you use the same battery to charge your smartphone, and for how long

Therefore, you should choose a battery with a larger capacity and you should be careful how and how much you use the battery. In case you need to use the heating system of your heated jacket for a long time and you do not have a place to charge the battery nearby, it is recommended to buy an additional battery so that you can enjoy the outdoors for a much longer time without any problems.

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So no matter what kind of outdoor activity you have in the winter, I’m sure you will find your ideal heated jacket on this list. If you have any valuable info, suggestion or you have something else to add from your experience with your heated jacket, feel free to add it below in the comment area and I would be more than happy to implement it into my buying guide in order to help people to choose their best heated jackets according to their needs.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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