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Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone Heated Jacket Review

Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone Heated Jacket Review

Posted On 06/04/2021

Gobi heat nomad 5 zone heated jacket review: This heated jacket is designed for those who love long walks with their friends or want to enjoy winter sports activities. But they all have one big problem in common and that is the low temperatures.

Just imagine how nice it is to be able to warm your body and at the same time have complete control over the warmth when you have sports activities outside in winter or when you are in places where very low temperatures prevail. It may sound too good to be true, but the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone gives you that fantastic opportunity.

In this Gobi heated jacket review, you learn:

  • The pros and cons of the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone
  • The main features of this product
  • Quick Specifications

So, let’s get started!

Our Verdict

Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone is a comfortable and stylish puffer heated jacket with a nylon outer shell that has excellent water repellency as well as great protection when the weather is windy. As for the inside of the jacket, it has a cruelty-free down alt filling. Also, this Gobi Heat Nomad features a YKK type of zippers.

It has 5 heating elements placed in 5 heat zones and can produce up to 9 hours of heat on your body which is quite satisfactory. This jacket may not be side by side with the best-heated jackets, but the fact is that it does a great job of what it is designed for.

But, I do not doubt that you will enjoy the warmth and comfort of this jacket while skiing or hiking in the mountains in winter. I really like the fact that this Gobi heat jacket is very light and you can easily pack it and take it with you. Not only this, but you can also wash this jacket in the washing machine without any problems.

What We Like


  • It comes with a hood
  • In the area of the external pockets, there are heating elements
  • The jacket is lightweight and easily packable
  • Great water and wind protection
  • 9 hours of heating with one charge

What We Don’t Like


  • Not enough pocket space (only three pockets)
  • The hood is not detachable
  • I would like this jacket to have a heater in the collar area

Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone Heated Jacket Review


Thanks to advanced technology, the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 zone is a heated jacket that will effectively solve your problem and will provide you not only warmth but also great comfort and pleasure while you are outdoors.

The Gobi Heat brand has long been known to many as Dragon Heatwear. The company is widely known for the production of quality heated clothing including heated socks, heated pants, heated jackets, heated gloves, and also heated vests. So you can completely protect your body when you are in places where extremely low temperatures prevail.

The fact is known that the company Gobi is constantly investing in new technologies for the production of heated clothes, so it is always up to date with new innovations.

If you take a look, you can find Gobi Heat products everywhere where winter sports are present, or places where temperatures are very low for most of the year. Gobi Heat products are very popular with hunters, campers, skiers, fishermen, and snowboarders.

Here you can watch a detailed video review about Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone Heated Jacket

Product Features and Performances


Design, Style and Fit

As for the construction of this jacket, it is common; it has an outer shell made of nylon which gives it high water repellency and wind resistance. The jacket uses quality YKK zippers and you can buy it in several sizes such as Small, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large in only one color Onyx black. The jacket nicely fits your body and it makes you feel warm and comfortable every time you wear it.



Another thing that you will love a lot and that is the hood that additionally protects you from external influences. It has a user-friendly design, easy to use, and quite comfortable.

The hood helps a lot to keep our body heat inside instead of losing it when a cold wind blows. But one thing that this hood is missing and that many would like is the possibility that it can be removed.


Weather Resistance

As I said in this article, the Gobi Heat jacket has and 100% nylon outer shell that offers more above-average protection in rainy conditions, and you are also excellently protected in windy conditions.


Pocket Space

When it comes to pocket space, this is one of its features where it fails. Namely, this Gobi jacket has only 2 outer front pockets with zippers and one inner pocket specially designed to accommodate the battery. For comparison, its competitor Ravean Down X men’s heated jacket which has more balanced capabilities and is much cheaper than the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone offers far more pocket space with a total of 8 pockets, which is really fantastic. (Here you can read my detailed review about Ravean Down X men’s heated jacket)



Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone is a lightweight puffer heated jacket with nylon cruelty-free down filling. It has sewn-through baffles as horizontal channels and it fits well to the body. Its nylon outer lining and inner fleece insulation make this jacket warm and comfortable even if you don’t use the heating system.

The outer layer is wind and rain resistant and along with the heating system and the hood also offers great protection of the head against the cold, wind, and rain and it is easy to use.

When the heating system is on, you get maximum heat of 140 F degrees that makes this Gobi Heat Nomad heated jacket is an excellent option for enjoying winter outdoor activities.

The Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone heated jacket has 5 heating zones

Heating Zones

It is obvious, this Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone is designed primarily for winter sports. As its name suggests, the heating system of this heated jacket has 5 heating zones such as the left and right side of the abdomen which is really commendable. The great thing is that there are external pockets in this area so that your pockets will be always warm and whenever you feel cold on your hands, you just need to put them into the already warmed pockets. By the way, the outer pockets have zippers. Then there are also two zones on both sides of the chest and one heating zone in the back area. The operation of the heating system can be easily controlled via a one-touch button.


3 Heating Modes

This jacket has three temperature heating modes whereby managing them you can keep your body warm for up to 9 hours with one battery charge. In case you need additional heating time, it is recommended to have an additional battery with you, so you can stay outside for a longer period.


One-Touch Control Button

The Gobi Heat Nomad jacket offers you perfect control of the ideal warm-up of your body, and the one-touch controller contributes the most to that. With the help of this button, you can set the desired heat in a very simple way.

The characteristic of this controller is that depending on the selected heating mode the LED indicator will indicate a different color. This feature is really useful because at any time you will have an overview of which heating mode is currently on.


Battery Pack

But it is obvious that for the heating system to work, it needs to be powered by electricity. This task is assigned to the ultra-thin lithium polymer battery pack of 6700 mAh / 7.4 volts. This battery is efficient and powerful enough to power the heating elements without interruption with a single charge for 9 hours in low heating mode. As I said the battery pack is compact and can easily fit in the inside pocket provided for it.

This battery can be recharged via the DC charger that comes with this jacket.


Color and Sizes

When it comes to choosing colors you do not have much choice, Gobi heat nomad 5 zone heated jacket can only be found in Onyx-black. Otherwise, this heated jacket is offered in several sizes: Small, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Because the design of the jacket is such that it fits snugly against the body, it is advisable to choose a number larger than your size when choosing the size.


Machine Washable

One of the many positive features of the Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone is that they can simply be machine washed with a pre-removed battery. When washing the jacket in the washing machine it is recommended to use the normal cycle with cold water. Immediately after washing, just attach the jacket to air dry.


Quick Specifications

  • 5 heat zones
  • 5 heating elements
  • 3 different heat modes (low, medium, and high)
  • 9 hour of heating in the lowest mode
  • It features with ultra-slim 6700 mAh 7.4-volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • It comes with a compact DC charger
  • Water and wind resistance
  • Not detachable hood
  • 2 external zippered pockets
  • 1 internal zippered pocket for the battery
  • It features YKK zippers
  • The jacket is machine washable


My Conclusion

From this Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone heated jacket review you can safely conclude that it is a great and lightweight jacket that can warm you up nicely in cold conditions that also it offers great mobility and comfort while skiing on the slopes or just enjoying with your friends on long winter walks.

Despite the disadvantages of this jacket, it does not mean that it is not worth owning. You will simply be surprised how much this Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone heated jacket will make it easier for you to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter period.

But if you think that this heated jacket does not meet your needs, then I warmly recommend you to take a look at ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood or take a look at our selection of the best-heated jackets on the market.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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