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YOSUDA Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review (Model L-010)

YOSUDA Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review (Model L-010)

Posted On 11/04/2023

Looking for a high-quality exercise bike for your home gym? Check out the YOSUDA magnetic resistance exercise bike – perfect for cardio and strength training workouts.

The YOSUDA magnetic resistance exercise bike model L-010 is the flagship of the YOSUDA brand when it comes to indoor exercise bikes. It is designed as a professional indoor exercise bike with a belt drive and magnetic resistance for home cardio or gym workouts.

So, if you are one of those who are looking for the best exercise bike from the Yosuda brand that has a price under $500, then you should definitely check out model L-010. In this review, I will give more details about this professional magnetic indoor exercise bike, so you can easily decide whether it is worth investing in it or not.

Our Verdict

In order to give people the best workout experience and help them improve their fitness and health, YOSUDA has been making high-quality and cutting-edge sports equipment. When it comes to the YOSUDA Pro L-010, the most significant distinction between this bike and the previous models of exercise bikes from this brand is its mechanism of resistance.

More precisely, this YOSUDA Pro L-010 features a new magnetic resistance system. When you do workouts on this bike, the magnetic resistance technology practically eliminates noise, so you won’t bother your family or neighbors.

Additionally, this version of the bike has been updated with new materials, making it sturdier, more durable, and safer to ride. So, this bike is able to support people with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Plus, the adjustable seat and handlebars increase the frequency of use of this bike. This tells you that the bike is not limited to a single family member, but everyone in your family can use it.

Also, the 40-pound flywheel supports cyclists of different skill levels, eliminating the need to switch bikes at each stage of your training, which every cyclist will appreciate. In addition, the iPad holder lets you watch movies or listen to music on your own device while you work out, which makes your workout more fun.

What We Like


  • A magnetic resistance system
  • It offers quiet and smooth workouts
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Water and iPad holders
  • It has a console with an LCD monitor that displays all basic parameters
  • Its maximum capacity is 350 pounds
  • It comes with a multi-grip handlebar design that is ideal for normal, racing, and climbing rides

What We Don't Like


  • The LCD monitor doesn’t have a backlit
  • I think the bike is a little bit overpriced
  • It doesn’t feature a function for heart rate monitoring

YOSUDA Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review (Model L-010)

YOSUDA Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike - Model L-010

Durable and Quality Frame

The YOSUDA Pro L-010 magnetic exercise bike is made with a sturdy and quality steel frame. In addition, it is coated with corrosion-resistant paint, and ABS protective covers are added to the magnetic brake pad and drive. To give the bike extra rigidity, the seat, and the handlebar posts are chrome-plated. This means that the bike is durable enough to withstand cyclists weighing up to 350 pounds (158.7 kg).

Importantly, it has sturdy stabilizers with adjustable levelers that let users secure the bike to the floor for the best stability when pedaling. This will help you avoid wobbling or tilting during intense workouts with the YOSUDA Pro L-010. When the bike is assembled, its dimensions are 42 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 41 inches in height, while its weight is 86 pounds (39 kg). Plus, it features transport wheels in the front base to assist you in transporting the bike around the room as needed.


4 Ways Adjustable Handlebar

Like the seat, the handlebar offers excellent adjustability. In fact, it can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to fit the rider perfectly. The handlebar features multiple grips coated with non-slip PVC foam. So, you can cycle the bike safely and easily in a variety of positions, including a conventional, racing, or climbing style of ride.

The posts of the seat and handlebar have adjustable calibration, allowing you to make simple adjustments in a matter of seconds. This will allow you to improve the riding experience. But the disadvantage of the handlebars is that they do not have EKG HR sensors. Unless an external heart rate device, like a wristwatch, is used, the bike doesn’t have the ability to monitor the heart rate of the person who is riding it.

YOSUDA L-010 Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike: The Seat

4 Ways Adjustable Seat

To your satisfaction, you can easily customize the seat height. Actually, the bike features a 4-way adjustable and comfortable seat. It is very soft and has a groove in the middle for long-term comfort. Simply put, it is not your typical bicycle saddle, yet it is made to keep you comfortable over long training sessions.

However, if you think that you need to modify it, then you can use a gel seat cover, or better yet, you may change it entirely with a saddle of your choosing due to the saddle’s universal installation design.

Due to the fact that the seat can be adjusted vertically (up and down) and horizontally (backward and forward), cyclists with inseams (measured from the inner thigh to the ankle) ranging from 27′′ to 35′′ can use it comfortably without any problems.


Adjustable Cage-Type Non-Slip Pedals

So let’s talk now about pedals. The cage pedals of this spin bike are made of aluminum alloy, and they come with adjustable safety straps. Their main function is to provide and comfortably support different foot sizes.

This means that regardless of how intense your cycling style is, your feet will remain securely in place.

Even though they’re not dual-sided, you cannot wear them with special spin shoes and must instead wear ordinary gym shoes. However, if you want to use clip-in shoes, they must be replaced with SPD pedals.

YOSUDA L-010: Magnetic Resistance System

Magnetic Resistance System

The resistance system is one of the most important features that an indoor exercise bike has. This is a feature that makes it harder to pedal so that you can strengthen your body and your cardiovascular system. So, in this case, the YOSUDA Pro L-010 has a magnetic adjustable resistance system that has many advantages over other resistance systems, such as quieter operation, greater durability, almost no maintenance, ease of use, and simple operation.

This stationary bike’s magnetic resistance system doesn’t use friction to make resistance. Instead, it sends magnetic fields onto the top surface of the flywheel, which causes a drag that leads to resistance. In addition, this magnetic resistance system can be micro-adjusted, which means there are an infinite number of levels of resistance. This means that everyone can find a level of training that is right for them.

In order to change the level of resistance, you just need to adjust the degree of resistance needed. This can be done by turning the resistance knob clockwise.


Belt Drive System

When it comes to the drive system, the YOSUDA Pro L-010 Magnetic Exercise Bike comes with a belt-driven system. V-Poly belt, pulleys, a three-piece crankset, and heavy-duty crank arms make up this drive system, which is very strong and efficient. It runs smoothly and quietly, so you can use it to work out in a room with children without bothering them. It operates at a noise level of 20 dB, which is comparable to whispers or fluttering leaves.

Additionally, on a regular basis, it doesn’t require maintenance, lubrication, or adjustment. This is why the belt drive system has an advantage over a chain drive system. Also, for smooth and steady momentum, this bike has a perimeter-weighted flywheel that weighs 40 pounds (18.14 kg). It also has a bidirectional mechanism, which means that you can pedal in both directions, forward and backward. When you want to stop pedaling, you have to use the emergency brake by pressing down on the tension knob. This will keep you safe.

YOSUDA L-010: Large Screen Monitor

Functional Console

The console of the YOSUDA Pro L-010 has a large LCD monitor and a holder for the iPad. The LCD screen of the console is big enough to show several workout metrics at the same time. You can see all the basic exercise statistics, such as time, mileage, mph, RPM, calories burned, and mileage. Because the LCD display has no backlight, its readability may be limited when viewed in a dark room.

But, the good thing is that when you train, you are able to set your own goals by counting down, such as time, calories burned, or distance traveled. This will greatly help you achieve your fitness goals. Otherwise, the monitor is powered by batteries. It starts when the console button is pressed or when you begin pedaling, and it shuts off automatically after four minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life.



This YOSUDA indoor cycling bike lacks Bluetooth connectivity, so while it is possible to view cycling app classes on an additional tablet or smartphone, there is no way to synchronize the cycle with those classes.



This YOSUDA exercise bike has two transport wheels on the front that make it easy for anyone to move this 39-kilogram exercise bike around the house.


Other Useful Features

One of the many useful features of the YOSUDA Pro L-010 is the water bottle holder. This will allow you to always be properly hydrated while performing your intense workouts. The water bottle holder is mounted directly to the mainframe tubing for quick access. Moreover, there is a tablet holder to keep you entertained all the time. It is retractable from 7.8′′ to up to 11′′ and is mounted to the aero grip for a better view.

Also, what you will really like is that this bike does not take up much space. Otherwise, the space required to store this indoor cycling bike is 3’41” in length and 1’83” in width. Plus, moving the bike around your home is simplified with the transport wheels mounted on the front base.


Assembling the YOSUDA Pro L-010

Like most indoor exercise bikes, this one is also very easy to assemble. The reason for this is that it arrives pre-assembled with the key components. All you have to do is mount the base stabilizers, pedals, seat, handlebar, and console. This is essentially what you need to do, and it will take around 30 minutes or so to complete. The package also comes with a guidebook and all the tools you need to do this job well.



  • Its weight is 86 lbs (39 Kg)
  • The max user weight is 350 pounds (158.7 kilograms)
  • Dimensions: 42 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 41 inches in height
  • Inseam height: 27″-35″
  • Resistance system: magnetic
  • Drive: Belt
  • Flywheel: 40 lbs (18.14 kg)
  • Adjustable seat: 4 ways of adjustability (up, down, backward, and forward)
  • Adjustable handlebar: 4 ways of adjustability (up, down, backward, and forward)
  • Two holders: for a tablet and a water bottle
  • Transportation wheels


People Also Ask


Is Yosuda a good brand for exercise?

Yosuda appears to be a reputable manufacturer of exercise bikes. Yosuda specializes in the manufacture of exercise indoor bikes and is renowned for producing models that can be used at home that are both affordable and compact.

According to its many satisfied users, the Yosuda exercise bike is capable of delivering excellent cardio workouts and can help users push their leg muscles to their limits. Also, Yosuda exercise bikes are among the affordable options on the market, making them an excellent choice for those who wish to exercise at home without spending a lot of money.

Moreover, YOSUDA exercise bikes have common features found in other indoor exercise bikes, including a heavy flywheel, an adjustable saddle, adjustable handlebars, and a quiet belt drive system. Overall, Yosuda appears to be a decent brand of exercise bikes, particularly for those seeking dependable and affordable options.


How do I increase my YOSUDA bike resistance?

As I explained above in this review, decreasing or increasing the resistance of the Yosuda exercise bike is a straightforward process that can be achieved using the resistance button located in front of you just below the handlebars. By turning the resistance knob clockwise or counterclockwise, you can easily and precisely increase or decrease the resistance of your Yoshida exercise bike while you exercise.



So, the YOSUDA magnetic resistance exercise bike model Pro L-010 is an excellent piece of sports equipment that will enhance your fitness journey. When used with your home gym, you may see an overall improvement in your personal fitness with very little effort. What distinguishes this bike from previous models is that, first of all, instead of a friction resistance system, it has a magnetic resistance system. Second, it supports a larger weight capacity of 350 pounds.

This exercise bike is one of the gym equipment that can be used by the entire family due to its high user weight capacity of 350 pounds (157.6 kg) and its ability to accommodate users with inseams of 27′′–35′′. The third thing that is very important is that its operation is very quiet and smooth compared to its smaller brothers. Overall, it is a great option as an exercise bike that costs less than $500.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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