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SOLE SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike Review

SOLE SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike Review

Posted On 20/04/2023

Experience the power of the Sole SB900 indoor cycle bike – perfect for home fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy a versatile and challenging workout every time.

The Sole SB900 indoor cycle bike is the top offering of the Sole Treadmills, which is characterized by quality and durable workmanship, great design, and an attractive price. Although it lacks some of the advanced features found in more expensive models, such as a cooling fan, and a speaker system, the Sole SB900 is still a great option for indoor cycling enthusiasts.

But, let’s see why this is so and whether this indoor exercise bike really justifies its status as one of the best exercise bikes for what it offers (and its affordable price), according to a large number of satisfied users.

Our Verdict

The Sole SB900 exercise bike is an excellent and affordable piece of sports equipment with a clean and modern design that offers a lot of features for the price. It has a heavy-duty and durable frame that offers safe cycling. Besides that, it offers full adjustability, silence, and intense workouts.

The 48-pound chrome-plated heavy flywheel, along with the belt drive, offers quiet and smooth operation. Besides the drive belt system, the magnetic resistance system also contributes to quiet operation. This makes the SOLE SB900 a perfect option for home use.

The comfortable seat and agronomic handlebars are four-way adjustable and easy to use. The handlebars have an integrated tablet holder that helps you enhance your enjoyment while training. Moreover, the bike features a removable water bottle holder that helps you stay hydrated while performing your intensive workouts.

It also comes with a simple and easy-to-use monitor that displays basic metrics such as speed, distance, time, RPM, and KCal. The Sole SB900 can be easily assembled, and it has transportation wheels that allow you to easily move it around your home.

With all that said, plus the amazing warranty that you get for this exercise bike, I believe this is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to do workouts from the comfort of their home.

What We Like


  • Clean and modern design
  • More than satisfying warranty
  • Integrated tablet holder (the old version doesn’t come with a tablet holder)
  • Integrated removable water bottle holder
  • Extremely silent
  • It comes with SPD/Toe Clips
  • The monitor has a backlight for better viewing your valuable info
  • Its compact dimensions do not take up much space
  • You can easily replace the seat and pedals at any time
  • The bike is fully customizable. You can adjust the seat and handlebars both ways horizontally as well as vertically
  • It is a heavy and stable
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • The bike offers a smooth and quiet workouts
  • It requires almost no maintenance
  • Bi-directional drive system
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It can support people with a maximum weight of 300 pounds (136 Kg)
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Anti-corrosion chrome-plated flywheel

What We Don't Like


  • It doesn’t feature a cooling fan
  • It doesn’t feature sound speakers as well
  • The bike doesn’t come with a heart rate chest strap
  • You are not offered preset workout programs
  • Short height range

About the Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness, is a company that specializes in producing fitness equipment and is also the manufacturer of the Sole SB900 indoor cycle bikes. The company offers a range of products, including treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, exercise bikes like the SB900, and other sports equipment for strengthening your body, such as SRVO trainers, weights, dumbbells, and traditional gym equipment, to help you get the most out of your workouts at home.

The SB900 indoor cycle bike is designed with several features to enhance the user experience, such as a tablet holder for streaming fitness classes from third-party apps, an adjustable seat and handlebars, and toe clip or clipless (SPD) pedals. The bike also has a heavy-duty 48 lb. Chrome-plated flywheel and magnetic braking design for a smooth and quiet ride, as well as an LCD monitor to track performance metrics.

Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike Review

Design and Construction

The Sole SB900 comes with a frame that is designed for light commercial use and is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum in order to withstand the pressure of cyclists of all sizes. So, when it comes to weight, the Sole SB900 is a really heavy bike and weighs 160 pounds (72.57 kg), which proves that the bike has a quality and durable design. A coating that doesn’t scratch or rust also shields the sturdy steel frame from moisture. This is one of the main reasons why the company gives a lifetime frame warranty for this heavy duty product.

When buying the SB900, you can choose between two different colors: red and black. So choose the color that best suits your home’s interior. Besides that, this spin bike has a small footprint with dimensions of 40 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 42 inches in height, as well as transport wheels so you can easily transport the Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike to the storage area or another place in your home.

Plus, it has four adjustable foot levelers that allow you to increase the bike’s stability. It is an excellent feature if the floor of your home gym is not level. Additionally, the rubber levelers protect your floor from scratches.

Another important feature for cyclists is the inseam capacity of the SB900. So, the lowest inseam length of this bike is 28 inches, and the highest is 40 inches. You have a range of adjustment of approximately one foot. Otherwise, Sole Fitness specifies a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg), which is not excessively high but still acceptable.

However, because of its strong and durable construction, I think that the SB900 can withstand more weight than 300 pounds. But, it seems Sole Fitness plays it safe by addressing the limitations of the weight capacity of 300 pounds.



This excellent Sole exercise bike boasts not just a hefty flywheel but also a flywheel with a chrome finish. The method of chrome plating demands additional effort and resources, but the main advantages of the flywheel with a chrome coating are increased surface hardness, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning. This is the main reason why most indoor exercise bikes in this price range have painted metal flywheels.

There are several perspectives on the flywheel’s weight. Many riders assume that magnetic resistance on a bicycle is irrelevant. But some people say that no matter what kind of resistance you use, a heavier flywheel gives you better inertia and a better pedal stroke.

The weight of a flywheel is a controversial subject, but most people still think that heavier flywheels are better than lighter ones. But athletes who believe in the concept of the Keiser M3i, where the flywheel is lightweight and located at the rear, will not agree with this. Actually, the idea is that the extra weight makes pedaling and riding smoother as speed increases.

So, because the Sole SB900 Light Commercial features a 48-pound hefty flywheel, you should not be concerned about divergent viewpoints. But the vast majority of people who have used it say that it makes cycling very smooth. The flywheel is encased in durable and robust plastic. It shields the resistance system and flywheel from perspiration and rust. However, it also gives you security, particularly if you have children at home.

The Resistance Knob for adjusting the magnetic resistance of the Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike


The magnetic resistance is one of the best features of the Sole Fitness SB900 cycle. Unlike many other spin cycles on the market with friction resistance, the SB900’s resistance is magnetic. This type of resistance is popular because of its almost maintenance-free, whisper-quiet operation, which is widely used. Additionally, the change between resistance levels is smoother in magnetic systems.

When buying a magnetic exercise bike, one of the main things people worry about is that the resistance might not be enough for hard strength training. This is because the magnets are not in contact with the flywheel, as is the case with friction resistance. However, with the SB900 bike, this is not a concern.

The Sole SB900 exercise bike offers sufficient resistance for the most strenuous spinning workouts. This is due to the size and quality of the magnets covering the flywheel.

The resistance of the Sole SB900 is adjusted by using a knob. There are no numbers or levels. So, it will take a few days to learn how to determine the desired level of resistance. This may be a disadvantage for some, but not for others.

Plus, you should know that the SB900 includes an excellent emergency stop lever, which is located below the tension knob. I cannot think of any spinning cycle with such a safe and practical emergency stop feature.


The Console and Computer Features

The LCD monitor on the Sole SB900 is not a strong feature. It is simple and basic. It does not have many advanced functions, such as programmed workouts. The built-in console shows RPM, speed, calories, distance, and time, and it is also compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap. This makes sure that you remain within your heart rate training zones and receive the best outcomes possible.

First, the backlight of the console shows the information in bright blue, so you can easily see the statistics in the dark without any problem. This is a problem that monitors have on many of the available spinning bikes.

The next step is connectivity for the heart rate chest straps. The ability to connect heart rate chest straps is a great feature that is often found on more expensive indoor exercise bikes.

Using a non-coded chest strap, such as the Polar T1, enables you to determine your fitness zone while exercising. Otherwise, the SB900 does not come with a wireless heart rate chest strap, you need to buy it separately.

As I said a while ago, the computer of the Sole SB900 features wireless connectivity. This wireless connectivity allows communication between the computer and the speed transmitter of the flywheel. So, the absence of wires on the frame promotes cardio exercise and simplifies the transportation of the bike.

The RPM (which means revolutions per minute) of the spin bike is an essential statistic, especially while following spinning training videos. This is important because instructors frequently provide you with certain RPMs to follow.

However, it is good that this exercise bike comes with a monitor because many of the more expensive models do not have this accessory.

The Seat of the Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike

Seat and Handlebars

When you want to buy a spin bike, it is advisable to choose one that is fully adjustable. Adjustable bikes offer a better fit, resulting in a comfortable and safe cycling workout.

What’s important to know is that there are some spin bikes on the market that are fully adjustable, which means their seats and handlebars can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. But some of the spin bikes come with fully adjustable handlebars and a seat that is only vertically adjustable.

Fortunately, in this case, the Sole Fitness SB900 indoor exercise bike is fully adjustable. So, the seat and handlebars of this bike can be adjusted fore/aft and up/down by millimeters for a better fit while exercising.

Because of its full adjustability, the Sole Fitness SB900 indoor bike can suit users of different heights. As for the comfort and shape of the saddle, the SB900 Sole Fitness bike offers everything. It is padded and features a hole in the middle to allow airflow and keep you cool while doing long and strenuous workouts. As a result, you won’t need to buy bike seat gel.


The Drive System of the Sole SB900

Usually, spin exercise bikes have two different motion systems. So, the flywheel can be moved with either a chain or a belt. The exercise bikes with a chain drive are the older kind and inferior to those that use a belt drive system.

A chain is composed of many components, such as inner and outer links, pins, rollers, and other small parts. Since it contains numerous moving metal pieces, it produces noise. In addition, it is not as smooth as the belt since metal is rubbing against metal instead of rubber.

That’s why the chain drive requires additional maintenance such as cleaning, oiling, adjusting, etc. I hope you will understand what I want to say.

However, the Sole SB900 indoor cycle is equipped with a single-piece belt drive. It is composed of sturdy and durable rubber so that it will not loosen after several months of usage.

So, featuring a belt drive system means that the bike is silent and gives you a smooth ride when used. So, you can make plans and work out whenever you want without worrying about waking up your family or neighbors. In addition, you may provide yourself with essential entertainment by either watching a TV show or listening to your favorite music.

The drive allows for pedaling in both directions and is often called bi-directional. You could choose to pedal backward to strengthen muscle groups and get more exercise.

So, the drive requires no maintenance whatsoever. There will be no need for post-lubrication or modifications, as is the case with chain drive systems. But the belt may wear out and need to be replaced someday, though this won’t happen for a very long time.

Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike: Dual SPD/Toe Clips


So, when it comes to the pedals, the Sole SB900 spin bike comes with dual-sided SPDs and toe cages. So, if you don’t have cleats, you can cycle in your sports shoes using the cages, or if you already have cleats, you can use the benefit of the SPD clipless pedals.

What is interesting is that about 95% of the spin bikes in this price range don’t come with Shimano-compatible SPD pedals. Because of this, you have to purchase them separately. Fortunately, the Sole SB900 comes with pedals that are high quality and simple to use.



When it comes to the Q-factor, the Sole SB900 has a Q-factor of 8 inches. This is the maximum size for a normal ergonomic bike. But, if the Q-factor was wider than 8 inches, then it would really be a problem for the Sole Fitness SB900.

Actually, the Q-factor represents the distance between the pedals. So, this tells you that if the pedals are too far apart, your feet will remain wider than your hips and will not be aligned with them.

Therefore, it will increase tension in the joints of the lower body and create problems over time. However, with the SB900 Sole spin bike, you will never have this issue.


The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike – Best Alternative

When it comes to alternatives to the Sole Fitness SB900, I have to tell you that it not only outperforms almost all competitors in its price range but also many premium models whose prices go up to $1000 and more. One of the competitors that is really worth mentioning is the Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling bike.

What makes the Schwinn IC4 superior to the Sole SB900 is its lower price and better quality monitor. But what really sets the Schwinn IC4 apart from the Sole SB900 is the Bluetooth and connectivity with indoor cycling applications.

Specifically, the Schwinn IC4 allows you to connect to popular applications such as Peloton, Zwift, and JRNY. Moreover, this Schwinn indoor cycling bike comes with dumbbell holders and resistance/gear readings, which the SB900 doesn’t have.

Although the Sole SB900 lacks a few important features, I can freely say that it is one of the best exercise bikes under $1000 that can be found on the market. All this is due to its full adjustability, modern design, strong and durable construction, portability, ease of use, and magnetic resistance system.

But, for those who don’t need an exercise bike with a magnetic resistance system but still want a bike with above-average features that is more affordable than the Sole SB900, you could consider the older model of the same brand, the Sole SB700, whose price is under $600.

The Sole SB700 is an older model in the lineup of exercise bikes from this brand. Instead of magnetic resistance, it comes with a friction resistance system, toe-caged pedals, and a chain drive. However, I believe that there are better options for exercise bikes under $600 on the market today. So before you decide on the Sole SB700, take a look at our selection of the best exercise bikes for under $600.


Product Specifications and Features

  • Product dimensions: 42 inches tall, 40 inches long, and 21 inches wide
  • Weight of the product: 160 pounds (72.57 kg).
  • Weight of the flywheel: 48 pounds (21.77 kg).
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds (136 Kg)
  • Adjustable seat: horizontal and vertical
  • Adjustable handlebars: horizontal and vertical
  • There are tablet and water bottle holders included
  • Compatibility with chest straps to monitor your heart rate
  • Resistance: magnetic
  • Pedals: Dual SPD/Toe Clips
  • Workout programs: None



  • Frame: lifetime
  • Electronics: 3 years
  • Parts: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year


People Also Ask 


What is the difference between Sole SB700 and SB900?

The main difference between the Sole SB900 and the Sole SB700 is the use of the resistance system.

The Sole SB900 uses a magnetic resistance system that is regulated manually via a rotary knob. This button is placed on top of the frame in front of you for a more comfortable adjustment of cycling resistance.

Unlike the Sole SB900, the Sole SB700 uses a friction resistance system. This resistance system uses a Kevlar pad, which is made of hardwearing material and is positioned at the top of the flywheel. While the method of regulating the resistance of the Sole SB700 indoor bike is the same as the Sole SB900.

Another difference is that the SB700 comes with toe-cage pedals with straps, while the SB900 comes with dual-sided pedals. So, one side is for using SPD shoes, and the other side is for using toe-cage pedals with straps.

Also, there is one more thing in which these two indoor bikes differ. The Sole SB700 can fit a wider range of cyclists, ranging from 4 feet and 10 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches in height, while the Sole SB900 is limited to people between 5 feet and 6 feet 2 inches in height.


Does the Sole SB900 have Bluetooth?

Yes, the most recent models of the Sole SB900 from 2021 and 2022 have integrated Bluetooth FTMS technology that allows you to easily connect to the most popular 3rd parties apps such as Zwift, JRNY, Kinomap, Health, Peloton, and many others.


Is the Sole SB900 compatible with Zwift?

Yes, the Sole SB900 is 100% compatible, not only with Zwift but also with many popular fitness apps. This is one of the best features of the Sole SB900, which is why I strongly recommend it to every person who is searching for an indoor cycling bike.



At the top of the lineup of indoor cycling bikes from Sole Treadmillsthe Sole SB900 indoor cycle bike has earned a great reputation thanks to its affordable price of under $1000 and the excellent specs that make it a frequent choice for indoor cycling enthusiasts.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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