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Dewalt 20 Volt Heated Jacket Review

Dewalt 20 Volt Heated Jacket Review

Posted On 16/11/2020

If you are looking for a quality heated jacket that will keep you cozy and hot during cold times then read my Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket review to learn why it is one of the best choices for you.

However, today on the market you can find a large selection of well-made heated jackets that will meet your greatest needs. Anyway, Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket has a lot to offer when you need protection from cold, wind, and rain. So let’s go and see what this quality heated jacket from Dewalt can offer to you.

Our Verdict

Simply, the Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket offers quality and durability and it has more than above-average performances at a reasonable price comparing the heated jackets from the other well-known brands.

It can keep you toasty warm and comfortable when the temperature drops down below freezing and also you have an option to upgrade the battery if you need longer heating periods which is great.

With its 4 heating zones, a choice of 3 heating modes, and a quality outer soft shell made of polyester, it is ideal for motorcycle riding, hiking, ice fishing, and for those who work outside especially in the wintertime.

What We Like


  • 4 heating zones, including both sleeves
  • Great quality
  • The jacket is tough and it won’t rip or tear
  • 3 heating modes plus a preheat mode
  • 5 zipper pockets
  • You can use the battery to power other tools

What We Don’t Like


  • The zipper is plastic and can be easily broken; it would be nice if the zipper is made from brass
  • The battery is a bit heavier
  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Sometimes, the location of the battery is going to make you feel uncomfortable when you sit

Quick Specs


  • Color: Black
  • Outer Shell Material: Soft Shell Polyester
  • Battery System: 20V/12V MAX
  • Heating Modes: High, Medium, Low and Pre-Heat
  • Heated Zones: 4 (left and right chest, collar and middle of the back
  • Number of Pockets: 5 (left and right upper chest, left and right waistline and cell phone pocket inner upper left chest area)
  • Hood: No
  • Size: This heated jacket can be found in many sizes such as S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. 2XL and 3XL.
  • Dimensions: 21 inches high, 12,2 inches width and 4 inches in depth
  • The Weight of This Jacket: 10.4 pounds (about 4.71 Kg)

What is Included


  • 1 Dewalt Jacket DCHJ060C1
  • 1 DCB201 20V MAX Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (1.5Ah)
  • 1 DCB101 20V/12V Fast Charger
  • 1 DCB091 20V/12V MAX USB Power Source

Dewalt DCHJ060C1-S 20 Volt Heated Jacket Review


Here you can watch the video that explains about Dewalt heated jackets


The Heating System of the Dewalt Jacket

When we work outside especially in winter when temperatures are very low, we need to wear winter clothes such as winter pants, jackets, hats, winter boots, and scarves to protect our bodies from freezing.

All of these have several special features such as excellent insulation, water resistance, and wind resistance. Usually, all types of winter jackets are designed to have the ability to successfully trap and retain heat from your body.

This Dewalt 20-Volt Heated Jacket, in addition to being able to trap and heat from your body, also can generate extra heat, which is really amazing and very necessary when working in very extreme outdoor temperatures.


Four Heat Zones

This heated jacket uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to generate additional heat. This Dewalt 20-Volt jacket heats four main zones of your body such as the area around the neck, left and right chest, and also the middle of your back along with both sleeves. In each of these heating zones, there is a LED controller that allows you to control the heating temperature.


Three Adjustable Heat Settings Including Pre-Heating

This jacket comes with three heating modes including a pre-heating mode with which you can control the required heat depending on the weather outside or according to your personal needs. When the battery is fully charged, this jacket can deliver a pleasant heat between 7 and 7.5 hours when the high heating mode, is not used this is what the Company Dewalt claims.

But according to many owners of this jacket, the maximum battery life of 1500 mAh at the lowest level is about 5 to 6.5 hours. Also, you should know that by using the highest heating mode, the battery unit will be consumed faster so that the heat delivery time will be shorter.

So if you set the battery on the medium setting between you will get heat between 2 and 3 hours and in the highest setting, you will get between 1 and 2 hours of heat.

One of the biggest advantages of these heated jackets is that you do not need to preheat the jacket at all before wearing it. Most heated jackets have a preheating mode as is the case with this Dewalt 20-Volt jacket.


DCB201 20-Volt MAX Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

First of all, this Dewalt jacket comes with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery and is stored in a special battery pocket that expands in order to easily accept the battery unit and it is located on the back left side of the jacket.

In fact, the Dewalt 20-Volt Heated Jacket’s battery system consists of a 20V / 12V MAX USB power source, a DCB201 20V MAX battery, and a DCB101 20V / 12V charger used to charge the battery. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge this Dewalt battery and as I said before it can provide about 7.5 hours of active heat for your body.

Some Issues with the Battery

Some users have not been satisfied with the battery life which is understandable if they work a long time out when it’s cold. But this problem is easily solved by buying an additional battery. I know you will spend a little extra money, but still, it pays off if you work out too often when the temperatures are very low especially in winter.

Some of them say that the battery location of this heated jacket is not appropriate. The battery creates a large bulge behind it that sometimes when you go to sit it will be uncomfortable.

Dewalt 20 Volt Battery


Also, You Can Recharge Your Smartphone

What I really like about this Dewalt 20-Volt Heated Jacket and also all owners of this jacket will like is the feature that in addition to the heat you get on your body,  it also allows you to charge your Smartphone which is really a positive and extremely useful feature. The whole process is very simple; you just need to connect your Smartphone to one of the two USB ports on the battery unit of your jacket.

For this purpose in this Dewalt jacket, there is a special pocket where you can store your Smartphone. This pocket is located inside the area of the left chest. From here you can easily connect your smartphone via USB cable to the battery unit which is located in the battery pocket on the back.

Connecting the Smartphone and the battery is eased so the inner left chest pocket and the battery pocket are connected through the routing ports so the USB cable can pass easily through it. So, you will be heated and at the same time, your Smartphone will always be charged, how wonderful all this is.


Water and Wind Resistant Outer Shell

Let’s mention some more useful features of the Dewalt 20-Volt heated jacket, its outer shell is made of water-resistant and windproof polyester, which is normally expected from this type of product. This outer shell not only protects you from wind and water, but it is also soft, which increases the comfort of this jacket and at the same time drastically reduces heat loss from the inside of the jacket.


Adjustable Cuffs and Waist Ties

For better wind protection, this Dewalt heated jacket comes with fully adjustable cuffs on the sleeves, so you can easily adjust the volume to fully fit your wrists. I should also mention the waist tightening belt at the bottom that prevents heat from escaping.


Five Pockets

For better storage and better access, this Dewalt 20-Volt heated jacket comes with five pockets, one of which is inside the left breast area, which is mostly designed for your Smartphone from where you can easily charge it. Then you have two pockets on the outside in the chest area, and also one pocket on the left and right side down in the waist area.


Heated Collar

We all know that the neck is one of the places that are most exposed to external temperatures and how important it is to be protected from the cold. It is also one of the places on our bodies where we lose a lot of heat easily. That’s why this Dewalt heated jacket has a collar that is actually one of the four heating zones. This special feature is really important for keeping your body warm.


Additional Features

Like any quality jacket, this one is characterized by very carefully crafted details that contribute to the usefulness and efficiency of this jacket.

  • As one of them I will mention is the upper part of the zipper in the neck area, it is protected with a tuck which not only protects that part from the gusts of cold wind but also protects the zipper from damage because the zipper is completely from plastic rather than brass as is the case with very high-quality jackets.
  • Also, a very important detail is that in the areas of the elbows there are additional pieces of fabric so-called elbow tucks. The main purpose of these elbow tucks is to strengthen and protect the areas of the elbows from wear and damage. A very positive thing is that elbow tucks do not hinder the movement of your arms at all, no matter what you do, they are simply imperceptible.


Some Important Dewalt Heated Jacket FAQs


How do you fix a Dewalt heated jacket?



Can you wash Dewalt heated jacket?

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can wash the jacket manually. It is not recommended to wash the jacket in the washing machine so as not to damage the heating system. Some people wash their jackets in the washing machine using a cold and delicate or manual washing cycle.

My recommendation is to wash the jacket by hand without squeezing and twisting to avoid damaging the heating wires. Do not use fabric softener when washing, but use only basic liquid detergent. Also, never use bleach like Clorox 2 or Oxi. After hand washing, you just need to hang the jacket and let it air dry. Also, avoid drying in a dryer.


How long does the Dewalt heated jacket last?

This Dewalt jacket is made to last and it is very durable, which means it will certainly last for several seasons. But how long this jacket will last, how much and how it will be damaged depends on a few factors, for example, how you treat the jacket when working with it and in what working conditions you wear the jacket.

But as for the duration of heating with one battery charge according to the company’s specifications is about 7 to 7.5 hours. But in the experience of most users, a 1500 mAh battery allows heaters to deliver heat for a maximum of 5 to 6.5 hours. How long the battery lasts will depend on how long the heating elements are actively switched on and which heating mode is used low, medium, or high.

In case you are out for a long time and need to use the heaters for a longer period of time, then for sure, it is recommended that you have another battery with you.


My Conclusion

Simply, the Dewalt 20 Volt is a nice heated jacket that will keep you warm anytime when you work something outside like riding a motorcycle, doing ice fishing, hiking, shoveling snow or you have some projects outside during winter when it is freezing outside. This is a really durable and affordable product that you will use many seasons happily.

Thanks for reading my Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket review and I hope you found valuable info about this amazing product.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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