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Keiser M3i Review

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle for professionals who need an ultimate indoor cycling experience

Posted On 06/07/2022

Keiser M3i Review: If you are looking for an indoor exercise bike that has all the qualities of a gym spin bike that offers endless, smooth, and progressive magnetic resistance that is controlled by a Bluetooth wireless computer with an innovative and accurate display, then you should consider the Keiser M3i indoor cycling bike.

Its computer is able to display information on a monitor, even for group workout sessions. With the help of an app, cyclists can transfer their data from their computer to their smartphone or tablet via an application.

Anyways, in this review, I will help you to find out why the Keiser M3i is one of the best sports equipment for indoor cycling. So you can decide whether the Keiser M3i is the best option for reaching your fitness goals, strengthening your body, and taking your fitness to the next level.

But, let me be clear from the start: the Keiser M3i indoor cycle is a fitness machine designed for peak performance in gyms, personal fitness studios, or intensive performance training at home. It is the most popular exercise bike, not only in my opinion, but also in the opinion of the majority of professional cyclists. It is also the best selection of indoor bikes from Keiser Company.

So, keep reading to find out why and I will also discuss what are the best alternatives to Keiser M3i.

Our Verdict

The Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle is a great investment for anyone who is looking for professional, high-end sports equipment and wants to improve their fitness and health. It has an advanced design that lets users pedal at a high RPM, which is great for burning calories and helping to increase muscle mass. The bike also comes with many premium features that will help you not only to achieve your fitness goal but as well to get an amazing cycling experience in your home.

What We Like


  • Very quiet
  • Four-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • High-quality materials
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Media try
  • SPD combo pedals
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and easy to use

What We Don't Like


  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Cooling fan
  • Speakers

Keiser M3i Review: Features, FAQs and Its Alternatives


Due to its modern design and adjustability, the Keiser M3i can often be found in gyms where indoor cycling lessons are held. This is the first Keizer bike to use a V-shaped frame with an adjustable seat and handlebars, so this model can be used by people of all sizes starting from 4’10 to 7’ in height and up to a maximum weight up to 350 pounds (158.7 kg).

What will surprise you about this bike is that the flywheel is not in the front as in most indoor bikes, but it is located in the back, just behind the seat. This is done to avoid sweat from the rider, as the sweat has a destructive effect on the flywheel and its parts such as the Drivetrain along with the Poly-V belt.

The resistance of the Keizer M3i is regulated by a magnetic brake. The advantage of this type of brake is that it never touches the flywheel so there is no wear at all. While the resistance is regulated by a shifter and it is located in front of the rider with a range of settings from 0 to 88 where the highest setting is used to momentarily stop the flywheel.

The designers also did a good job with the pedals. Their curvature design eliminates pressure points on the feet, while the cages are integrated on the pedal, so there is no need to purchase additional pedal cages. In addition to the pedal cages, tightening straps are also integrated. This allows the indoor bike to be used by cyclists with different foot widths.

Simply put, the slim, elegant, and modern design and size of the Keiser M3i allow it to easily fit into your home. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended that the place where you place the M3i has at least 24 inches of free space around it.


Comfort and Usability

One of the features that make an indoor exercise bike practical and useful is that it can be adjusted for athletes of different sizes. At first glance, many people will be skeptical about the M3i due to the smaller frame and slim design, but once they try it, the skepticism disappears.

You can see and notice that a lot of attention has been paid to the comfort of the user of the M3i spin exercise bike. As we are used to the products from the company Keizer and that is the ease of use and simplicity which is their main philosophy and obviously that is also noticeable in the M3i model.

The bike is equipped with many useful functions and is very comfortable for cycling. First of all, it has transport wheels and a lightweight bottle holder. In addition, great emphasis is placed on adjustability, which plays a major role in the simplicity and usability of the M3i bike.

For example, the saddle position of this bike can be adjusted to four sides. This also applies to its handlebars which you can easily adjust according to your needs. To be more precise, the seat and handlebars have four-way adjustments and can be raised or lowered and moved back and forth to help you find the perfect position for your body size. Also, the handlebars are designed to offer comfort no matter which training position you choose standing or sitting.

As well, the pedals on the Keizer M3i are strong, confident, and adjustable to fit feet of different widths, they are really comfortable to use. They have straps to hold the sneakers in place securely. As you can see, a great emphasis is placed on the comfort of this model, so there is nothing to complain about the Keizer M3i.

However, for some users, the seat has not proved to be comfortable enough. Namely, after using it for about half an hour, some users found that despite the elegant design and soft leather of the seat, it is a bit uncomfortable. If this is the case with you, it should not be a big problem; you can just buy a new seat or seat cover and replace it easily.


Media Tray

There’s also a media tray on the handlebars, a place that lets you place a tablet or Smartphone so you can follow your spin lessons. You can easily find spinning lessons on YouTube or by using the special application from the Keiser M Series app which simply syncs with the bike.


Built-in Digital Display

The bike has a built-in computer that accurately monitors and displays important parameters such as time, calories, watts, RPMs as well as distance travelled. You will also receive information about your heart rate and resistance level. The accuracy of the information presented to you is also confirmed by the certificate that this indoor exercise bike has received, which is the TÜV’s EN957-10 Certification for Power Accuracy and Safety.

The digital display has a backlight that automatically adjusts depending on the lighting of the room where you train. The downside of this display is that you cannot turn it on or off manually.


Bluetooth and Keiser M Series App

Bluetooth wireless technology is another feature that makes the Keizer M3i indoor cycle bike more unique and useful. With the help of this wireless technology you can save all the performances you perform in your training sessions and connect them to another smart device. This gives you insight into your training sessions on your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Wonderful isn’t it, ideal for anyone who takes progress seriously.

It is recommended that you try the free Keiser M Series app. At the beginning of your ride, the app will offer you three options to choose from: Free Ride, FTP Test, and Guided Session.

  • Free Ride: By selecting this option, all parameters and graphs displayed on the digital display while training on the bike are monitored and saved in the application itself.
  • The FTP test (Functional Threshold Power test) option measures your fitness by measuring how many watts of power you can sustain for an hour. It’s an excellent way to see if you’re fit enough to work out.
  • The Guided Session option offers you a choice of 11 different workouts whose duration ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

Workouts such as FTP improvement, power workout, and interval workouts are all customized to your previous performance in the FTP test, so you can get the most out of each session.

The guided sessions assist you to stay within a certain RPM, watt, and gear range and show on the display in case you want to increase and decrease these numbers. When you’re done with the workout, your results automatically are saved into your smart device (Smartphone or tablet).

A lot of people are enjoying these workout classes because they push you to the limit, but also there are many people who prefer to work with a live instructor. However, which way you choose to train your body, whether it will be with a live instructor or by using the workout sessions through the application of Keiser M Series, depends on you, in any case, you will get the desired results.


Training with Applications

Do you like to train in combination with an app? Then the Keizer M3i offers the possibility to train with the GOInd App, a less well-known training app. In addition, it is a spinning bike with Zwift, which is seen by many as a great advantage. Zwift makes it possible to cycle lifelike virtual routes. This makes your training more fun, more realistic, and more challenging.

If you want to make your indoor bike compatible with applications like Bkool, Zwift, The Sufferfest, and many others, you can pay for an M Series Converter from Keiser which costs about $99. This converter, simply converts Bluetooth information from the Keizer M3i into data that can be used by other apps.


Heart Rate Monitors

If you want to use the heart rate feature then you will need to purchase a heart rate monitor that is compatible with the M3i indoor bike. If this is the case, you can try the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap which is one of the most popular heart monitors and it works with all cardio equipment.


The Lightest Revolutionary Flywheel and Realistic Road Bike Experience

According to the standard philosophy on the flywheel mass of indoor exercise bikes and spin bikes, which is if the flywheel is lighter then the moment of the inertia of the flywheel will be weaker, which does not benefit the user to achieve the desired result when riding an exercise bike. As a result, instead of moving harmoniously with the pedal, you will experience rough and irregular pedal movement that will cause stress to the joints and can lead to injury.

But what is very interesting and really fascinating is that the Keiser M3i has one of the lightest flywheels among the spinning bikes, weighing only 3.6 kg (about 7.93 pounds). Most models have a flywheel that weighs 18, 25, 32 pounds or more. Also the gear ratio of 8: 8: 1 is not as high as it should be.

But what is even more fascinating is the fact that the Keiser M3i is admired and used by a large number of professional athletes around the world because of the natural riding experience you get while training on this remarkable indoor spinning bike.

The real explanation for this is that the above theory applies only to standard exercise bikes whose design does not allow the flywheel to spin at higher speeds. The only way to get more kinetic energy or rotational energy on standard exercise bikes is to increase the flywheel mass and radius or place most of the flywheel mass on its edge which is not the case with the Keiser M3i at all.

However, all these parameters have a greater influence on the variable speed, but much less on the kinetic energy. Keiser Company in their model Keiser M3i instead of a heavy flywheel that spins at lower speeds decides to use a much lighter flywheel that allows much faster rotation.

In this case, the high speed of the flywheel compensates for the lightweight of the flywheel several times more. The high speed of the flywheel results in harmony and even rotations without dead spots. In this way, the M3i realistically simulates the kinetic energy of racing bikes in many respects. Due to the light mass of the flywheel and the small inertia, it is impossible for the indoor exercise bike to virtually pedal itself.

By comparison, one of the competitors such as the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Carbon Blue uses a flywheel that is positioned in front with a very large mass of 36 pounds (about 16 Kg) that creates a lot of inertia so that the flywheel moves the pedal along with the legs instead of the legs moving the flywheel.

In this case, it is much harder to stop the flywheel and there is also a very high risk of injury. While higher speeds and low resistance of the Keiser M3i allow you to have the main control over the pedal and also the risk of injury is much lower.

The lighter flywheel also has another big advantage and that is that it no longer has to be installed in the front. It can simply be placed on the back of the exercise bike under the seat which also prevents the exerciser’s sweat from dripping on the flywheel and causing damage over time.


Flywheel Position

One of the first things you will notice is the position of the flywheel. Surprisingly, unlike many other professional spinning bikes, the Keizer M3i has a flywheel on the back. Now the flywheel position on this indoor bike will not directly affect your training, but will have a positive effect on its durability.

Namely, with the back position, the sweat will not build up so quickly. The sweat is very destructive when it comes to the durability of your spinning bike. This also means that you will spend less time cleaning the bike after training.


SPD-Compatible Keiser Cardio M Series Bike Pedal with Click System

Good news for the avid cyclists among us. This robust indoor bike is equipped with SPD duo pedals. On the one hand, they are equipped with a common clicking system; on the other hand, the baskets certainly prevent the feet from slipping.

This means that you can click in your cycling shoes and do your workout.  If you do not have cycling shoes, you do not need to worry. In that case, you can wear normal sneakers and fasten your feet with the straps on the duo pedals. Simply, the combined SPD pedals always provide a secure grip on the feet, whether you train with cycling shoes or normal sneakers. The Q-factor in this model is 190 mm which is still sufficiently narrow for the exercising to be joint-friendly.


Magnetic Resistance

What is the case with most spinning bikes is that the resistance is provided by a felt brake pad. When the fleet brake pad starts to press on the flywheel, resistance is created. So, the harder the felt brake pad presses on the flywheel, the harder the resistance.

But that is not the case with the Keizer M3i exercise bike. It uses a completely different technique of braking and creating resistance. In fact, the M3i uses a magnetic system to create resistance. The main feature of the magnetic brake is that it requires almost no maintenance and also creates minimal noise.

The magnet does not touch the flywheel at all, which means that there is no friction, wear, and making unpleasant noises. Thanks to the magnetic resistance Keiser M3i is very quiet sports equipment. When it comes to noise, the V-belt also plays a big role in minimizing noise. The fact is that many users prefer their indoor exercise bikes to have magnetic brakes.


Water Bottle Holder

On the front of the handlebars of the Keiser M3i, there is a specially designed place where you can put a bottle of water or any soft drink.


Transportation Wheels

I should also mention the two transport wheels on the front end that serve to transport the bike from one location to another. But there is a small problem here, namely, the wheels are mounted too high. So when you want to move the bike to a specific location, you will have to put a little more effort into tilting the bike forward and leaning on the transport wheels to transport it to the desired location.


Weight and Load Capacity

Also, one of the key factors when buying an indoor spinning bike is the weight of the bike and its maximum weight capacity. The Keizer M3i weighs 38.56 kg (about 85 pounds). Which means it’s not that heavy. This makes it not so bulky and easy to move. The maximum weight capacity that the M3i can withstand is 350 pounds (about 158.7 kg). That’s more than enough for most cyclers.



  • The Keizer M3i features a V-shaped frame that allows athletes of all body shapes and sizes to train on it.
  • It uses magnetic resistance that allows you to train with smooth and quiet movements
  • You are offered infinite incremental resistance changes for your workouts
  • Rear-wheel design that protects the frame from sweat and corrosion
  • On the front of the bike, there are transport wheels that help for easy transport to a specific location
  • Self-tensioning Poly-V® Belt Drive, requires almost zero maintenance and offers great reliability
  • Keiser’s revolutionary M Series bike pedals
  • The M3i has an intuitive console where in one place you can easily read information such as odometer, riding time, speed, power, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and gear
  • Comfortable seat that can be adjusted in four directions
  • Racing and comfortable handlebars, adjustable in four directions, you are offered a wide array of hand positions
  • Versatile media tray, a place where you place your Tablet and Smartphone to watch your workout classes
  • Stretch pads
  • Water bottle holder
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • EN957-10 certification that proves the power accuracy, safety, and environmental friendliness



Height: 45″ / 1143 mm

Width: 26″ / 661 mm

Length: 49″ / 1245 mm

Weight: 85 lbs / 38.6 kg


A Pretty Good Warranty

Whenever investing in a product, it is good to get a warranty for its quality, especially when the product is very expensive. The warranty is proof of the professional approach in the production of the product and proof of its quality. That’s an important factor when buying something.

When it comes to warranty, Keiser Company offers an excellent warranty that shows that it guarantees the quality and durability of its products.

For the Keiser M3i spinning bike, the company offers a pretty good warranty. Namely, for the parts such as the saddle upholstery, the pedal straps, the pedal cage and the “T” handles, you get a 90-day warranty. While for the rest of the Keiser M3i you get a 3-year warranty which is really satisfactory.

If you think this guarantee is not enough, keep in mind that the Keiser M3i is under pressure for hours every day in public gyms as opposed to home gyms where it is not nearly as high pressure so the M3i bike warranty is pretty good.


The Price

If you’re looking for a bike that will last for years and years, this is the one to get. Priced at just over $2000 Keiser M3i, it is more expensive than most other exercise bikes, but what you pay for in cash, you get back in quality.

Also, if you cannot afford it or you want to save some money on a bike, you can find a much cheaper exercise bike, let’s say for less than $500, a bike with nice features and quality craftsmanship that will serve you well and help you meet your fitness needs. But if you spend more money, you will get sports equipment of top quality, great durability, quiet and above all comfortable to use.

Simply, for the high price, you get a professional bike that is often used in sports gyms without paying membership for going to the gym. Plus, when we add the warranty offered by the company Keiser, you get an indoor bike that you will use for many years with limited maintenance.


Peloton or Keiser M3i which one to choose

When it comes to quality and popularity, one of the main competitors in the quality of the Keiser M3i is the slightly more expensive Peloton. Otherwise, both Keizer M3i and Peloton bikes are top indoor exercise bikes offering similar features.

If you do not want a monthly subscription and a more affordable indoor bike, then the Keizer M3i is a better value and can be used without a monthly subscription. But if you prefer the subscription option and you have no problem spending some extra money then Peloton is a better choice.


What are the other good choices as an alternative to the Keiser M3i?

So what do you think, is the Keizer M3i the right indoor bike for you? It may be the right choice for you, but maybe its price does not match your available budget. If the price of this indoor bike is too high, then you can look at one of the alternatives below.

A very good alternative is, for example, the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle, which is a luxury indoor bike at a similar price. Do you prefer a slightly cheaper bike, but still looking for high quality? Then you can consider Schwinn IC4 or its smaller brother Schwinn IC3 which is more accessible, with high-quality workmanship, and is well popular among home cycling enthusiasts. Also, the Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes is a good option if you are looking for an affordable magnetic indoor spinning bike.

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike: FAQs


What is the difference between the Keiser M3 and Keiser M3i indoor bikes?

The differences between the Keiser M3 and M3i are in their handlebars and computer.

  • The handlebars on the M3 can only be adjusted vertically, which means that the M3 can be used by riders with a height of 5’to about 6’2″ feet. While the handlebars in the M3i can be adjusted in four directions: vertically (up and down), forward and backward. This allows the M3i to be used by riders who have a height of 4’10” up to 7′ feet.
  • As for the computer, it is built into both models the M3 and the M3i. The only difference is that the M3i computer has built-in Bluetooth technology that gives you access to both commercial and home fitness apps. Plus, the M3i comes with a media tray where you can place your Smartphone or Tablet to watch your favorite videos or fitness classes while cycling.

Does the Keiser M3i have a power meter?

Yes, the Keiser M3i has a power meter and because of its accuracy, it was the first indoor cycling bike that was certified by the EN957-10 European Standard for accuracy and safety.


Which heart rate monitors are compatible with Keiser M Series indoor exercise bikes?

There are many reputable brands on the market today that produce quality heart rate monitors. So, choosing the best monitor to measure your heart rate for your indoor bike is often not an easy task.

Before buying a heart rate monitor, you should always make sure that it is compatible with the model of the interior spinning bike you own or the model you intend to purchase. But also some models of indoor bikes come with a built-in monitor to measure heart rate.

When it comes to the Keiser M3i or Keiser M series, the Keiser Company recommends using Polar heart rate monitors. Keiser accurately specifies the use of the Polar H9 and Polar H10 models.


Is Keiser M3i worth it? Is the Keiser M3i worth the money?

The very design, attractiveness, and quality workmanship justify the value of the Keiser M3i which is more than $2000. Taking into account its functionality, ease of use, and built-in Bluetooth technology that allows the user to track, transfer and store exercise data, proves that the Keiser M3i is an indoor bike of the highest class and that it is worth every penny invested in it.


How many miles does a Keiser M3i last?

The Keizer M3i is one of the most durable indoor bikes. You can easily notice this at first glance when you see its high quality and detailed workmanship. It is designed in mind to withstand long cycling by top athletes.

From the experience of a large number of professional users, if you use and maintain it properly, the Keiser M3i can show no problem or signs of wear even up to 28,000 and more miles of cycling.



As you can see from this Keiser M3i review, this is high-quality, expensive sports equipment for professionals who need an ultimate indoor cycling experience. So, if you are looking for a professional indoor exercise bike, with premium features and top workmanship, that is quiet, easy to use, and above all offers adjustability and comfort and yet its price will not be a big problem for you, then Keizer M3i is really one of the best indoor bikes from the premium class that should be part of your home sports equipment for exercise.

Simply put, when riding a Keizer M3i you get an amazing feeling that is like driving a BMW M3i on the road which is dynamic, aggressive with high adrenaline, and above all enjoyable.

But, if the Keizer M3i does not meet your criteria, then feel free to check out my list of the best indoor exercise bikes along with a buying guide to help you choose the exercise bike that will best suit your fitness needs.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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