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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Review

Posted On 25/11/2020

In this Milwaukee M12 heated jacket review you will learn that this heated jacket is specially designed for people who work in places with extreme temperatures that go far below zero. It is a good-looking and high-quality heated jacket that besides heat and protection from winds, rains, and cold weather, also offers great comfort and flexibility.

Our Verdict

If you need a heated jacket that provides top-notch work protection in extreme weather, flexibility, and comfort while working and also that it can last for many years I think that Milwaukee M12 is really the right choice.

The Milwaukee M12 heated jacket is designed primarily for the needs of workers who work in places where extreme temperatures are below zero. The Milwaukee brand for the production of the Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket uses Advanced Carbon Fiber Heating Technology along with the powerful M12 REDLITHIUM battery which has great durability and works perfectly in areas where extreme temperatures.

The materials that Milwaukee uses to make their heated equipment are specially developed to offer maximum heat, durability, flexibility, and versatility which exceed the characteristics of traditional materials such as abrasion and tearing in the wide range of uses. The inner layer of this jacket uses heating elements made of carbon fiber placed in the area of the chest and back that aim to warm the chest and back.

Additional heating elements are located in the so-called third area, which is the area of the pockets. Special attention is paid to the flexibility and durability of this jacket that will allow you comfort and smooth operation in performing your outside activities.

What We Like


  • It offers great comfort and flexibility while you work
  • Great quality and design
  • 3 heating modes, including extra quick heat function that reaches the needed temperature 3 times faster
  • The M12 REDLITHIUM battery is compatible with other tools and heated gear from Milwaukee that use M12 Battery Heating System
  • 5 pockets with zipper for your belongings

What We Don’t Like


  • There are no heating elements on the collar around the neck
  • The weight, size, and shape of the battery
  • The jacket is a little bit pricey

Product Specifications


  • Available colors: black, red, grey and camouflage
  • Heating zones: back, chest and pocket area
  • Heat settings: low, medium, high and quick heat function
  • Battery system: M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0
  • Run time of the battery: about 8 hours
  • Pockets: 5
  • Hood: no
  • Washer and Dryer safe
  • Weather-resistant: wind-resistant and water-resistant
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds (about 2.15 Kg)

What is Included


  • One Milwaukee M12 cordless heated jacket
  • One M12 REDLITHIUM battery
  • One M12 Lithium-ion battery charger
  • One year of warranty

Milwaukee M12 3-in-1 Heated Jacket Review


Video Review and Product Features



3 Heating Zones Including Quick Heat Function

First of all, it is important to mention one of the most important things that interest us a lot when we want to buy a heated jacket, and that is the main heating zones of this Milwaukee jacket.

The Milwaukee M12 jacket has three heating zones. So, one of the zones is behind the upper back, the second heating zone is on the front in the chest area and the third zone is also on the front down in the pocket area including the sleeves. This is very satisfying, but it would be even better if this jacket has an additional heating zone in the neck area as is the case with the Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket which has heating elements on the collar around the neck.


3 Heat Settings plus Including Quick Heat Function

Like any heated garment, this Milwaukee M12 heated jacket has more than one heating setting that will allow you to choose the optimal heating depending on the temperature outside. In fact, the Milwaukee M12 has three different heat settings, such as low, medium, and high setting.

You can choose one of these settings via the one-touch LED controller located in the front left upper part of the jacket chest. Simply by pressing this controller, you can select the exact temperature you need at the moment which is so convenient.

The characteristic of this heated jacket is that it has an additional quick heat function to quickly achieve the required heat. This means that no matter how low the temperatures are outside, you will be ready and able to work in a very short period of time.

This Milwaukee heater is capable of delivering heat in a very short time, unlike competing models. Specifically, the Milwaukee M12 3-in-1 heated jacket takes about 2.5 minutes to warm you up, unlike the 8 minutes of its competition, which is a huge difference.


8 Hour Heating Time

The compact battery pack M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0 that comes with this Milwaukee M12 heated jacket, allows continuous heating for up to 8 hours maximum. This what the manufacturer claims which is significantly more than the heating offered by the Dewalt 20 Volt heated jacket which is 7 to 7.5 hours. The M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0 battery is also rechargeable.


Milwaukee M12 Battery System

This Milwaukee heated jacket is equipped with a Milwaukee M12 battery system whose battery is 1.4Ah and 12 Volts, lithium-ion rechargeable and for this battery; you will get a 2-year warranty.

The M12 charger that comes with the battery is very powerful and as claimed by the Milwaukee Company, and can charge the battery in a very short time. Unlike the battery, the charger comes with a 5-year warranty.

When it comes to the M12 battery, its biggest drawbacks are weight, shape, and dimensions. The M12 battery has a rounded barrel shape and its dimensions are larger than the dimensions of the batteries used in heated jackets from most brands. It is 118 mm long and about 50 mm wide, weighing about 240 grams (8.5 oz). This battery has a specially designed pocket located on the back left side of the jacket.


Multi-Tool Compatibility of the Compact Charger and the Power Source

As I mentioned before, to charge the M12 REDLITHIUM batteries, along with this heated jacket you will get an M12 Compact Charger. To increase the usability of this charger, it has a high-quality and durable Jobsite Micro-USB cable and a 2.1A Wall Plug.

With this charger, you will charge M12 REDLITHIUM battery in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the Micro-USB cable is compatible with any output, including those USB ports in vehicles. What is really amazing about the charger and battery is that they can also be used for all MILWAUKEE heated gear using the M12 system.


The Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket is Compatible with M12 and M18 Batteries

One big plus for this Milwaukee M12 heated jacket is that it is compatible with all M12 and M18 Redlithium batteries. The M18 doesn’t come with this jacket only the M12, but you can buy the M18 separately if you need to.

Also, I will say again, a big advantage is that the M12 Redlithium battery you can use on all Milwaukee tools that have the ability to be powered by a battery.


Convenient Power On/Off Button

When it comes to the on and off button, it is located on the front left side of the chest and at first glance looks like an emblem. It is very easy and simple to operate with.

To turn on the heating of the jacket, you need to press the button and hold it for a while. The button will turn red, which means that the jacket works in the highest heating mode. Now if you press the button again, it will glow white which means that the jacket uses the medium heating mode and if you press it again the button will glow in blue which indicates the lowest heating mode.

If you want to turn off the jacket, all you have to do is press and hold the button. According to the manufacturer, with one charge of the battery, you will get heating for a maximum of 8 hours. But according to some users, the battery lasts much less between 5 and 6 hours.


Five Pockets for Your Belongings

To keep your essentials close to you and safe such as your phone, small tools, pens, notebooks, and cables while you work or walk this Milwaukee M12 heated jacket has a total of 5 pockets with a zipper.

Two pockets are located at the bottom of the waist area, one on the left and one on the right. One is located on the upper left side of the chest. Also in the upper part of the inside in the chest area, there is a pocket so-called cellphone pocket. And the fifth pocket is located on the back left side of the jacket, it is specially designed for the M12 Lithium battery. 


The Jacket is Windproof and Waterproof

But, the great thing about this Milwaukee jacket is that it not only protects you from extremely low temperatures but also protects you from rain and wind, in fact, this jacket is made of materials that are resistant to water and wind.

So when the weather is very harsh and you have to work outside, the Milwaukee M12 3-in-1 heated jacket will provide you with excellent protection at all times.


FreeFlex Mobility Gussets Provide Flexibility and Mobility

FreeFlex Mobility Gussets are used to increase the flexibility and durability of this Milwaukee M12 3-in-1 Heated Jacket. They are placed in specific locations on the jacket and allow you to work smoothly and comfortably while wearing it.


ToughShell Stretch Polyester Delivers 5X Longer Life

The money spent on this jacket simply will not be wasted at all. In order to increase the durability of this Milwaukee jacket, TOUGHSHELL ™ stretch polyester has been used.

This material gives the jacket great elasticity and strength, which increases its durability and lifespan by 5 times longer than Softshell heated jacketsSo this jacket can withstand many dangerous challenges in the workplace, which is of great importance, especially for those who work outside on the job sites.

Available Colors

To your pleasure, this Milwaukee M12 3-in-1 Heated Jacket is available in 4 different colors: black, gray, red, and camouflage.


Can I Wash in the Machine this Milwaukee Jacket?

When it comes to maintaining this Milwaukee jacket, you need to know that you can wash it at home. Milwaukee claims that it is safe to wash this jacket in a washing machine and also to dry it in a dryer.

But it’s important to know: Always remove the M12 lithium-ion battery before washing because it is not water-resistant.


My Conclusion

The Milwaukee M12 is a heated jacket that offers optimal heat during extremely low temperatures; above all, it is very durable which at the same time offers great flexibility and comfort all the time while wearing it. In addition to protection from the cold, it also offers excellent protection from rain and wind.

If your job is outdoors and you need protection whether it’s cold, rainy, or cold-windy, the Milwaukee M12 is a heated jacket that will give you real protection.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Review and I really hope I have answered most of the questions about this beautiful jacket. If you have anything to add about this heated jacket, feel free to write in the comments box below.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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