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Mobile Warming Heated Socks Review

Mobile Warming Heated Socks Review

Posted On 30/12/2020

Mobile Warming heated socks review: If you have a problem with cold feet whether you are at home or have activities outside in the winter and you need affordable heated socks with great performances, I think you should take into consideration these amazing heated socks from the well-known brand Mobile Warming.

Our Verdict

Mobile Warming heated socks have excellent performance and are designed to withstand very extreme conditions. They will fit nicely on your feet and can protect them from low temperatures while offering comfort and flexibility. Thanks to Tri-blend Construction, they are soft, elastic, have great durability, and successfully absorb moisture and odor from your feet after long wear.

With these heated socks you will get heat for up to 11 hours and the three heating levels will help you get the ideal warmth at any time. They also offer wireless control of the heating elements and most importantly they are very affordable. Mobile Warming heated socks are ideal for people who often have a long-term outdoor activity in the winter such as hunting, fishing, sledding, skiing, hiking, and more.

What We Like


  • Rechargeable 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries
  • Convenient wireless controller
  • The ability to warm your feet for about 11 hours when set at lowest heating mode
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable and elastic
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like


  • They are not intended for use in extremely cold conditions
  • You can’t wash them in the washing machine even though the manufacturer claims they can be washed in the washing machine
  • They are not recommended for extremely low temperatures.

Mobile Warming Heated Socks Review


Main Features and Specifications


But let’s see what are the main features and why they are often the main choice of a growing number of people. First, watch the video below that explains how to operate these Mobile Warming heated socks.


Three Adjustable Heat Settings

By using these heated socks you are not limited to using a single temperature level. You are offered a choice of three different heating modes such as low, medium, and high heat mode. Depending on which heating mode you choose, you will get heat at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.

  • High Mode: When you set the socks in the low setting they will use 25% power of the battery and you will be provided a heat of 90 Fahrenheit (about 36.6 Celsius) for about 11 hours.
  • Medium Mode: By setting the socks at 50% which is the medium setting, you will get a heat of 116F (about 46.6C) for about 6 hours.
  • Low Mode: If you use 100% of the battery power which is a high operating mode, then you will be delivered heat of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (about 57.2C) for 6 hours

So depending on your needs you will be able to choose the optimal heating for your feet. With the offer of multiple heating modes, you will not only be able to use these socks in winter, but they are also ideal for use in periods when temperatures are still low in late autumn or early spring.


Elastic Moisture Wicking Anti-Material

Advanced technology has been used to make these socks and a combination of quality materials has been used, which consists of 91% cotton, 8% nylon, and 1% elastic. This means that in addition to warming up, these socks also offer great comfort and at the same time successfully absorb the odors caused after a long time wearing the socks.

Not only that, this combination of these materials successfully absorbs sweat from your feet, so that not only will your feet be dry and warm, but they will also be protected from infection.


Special Heating Elements

In order to efficiently heat your feet, Mobile Warming has designed a special heating system that consists of heating elements in the form of ultrafine metal fibers (wires) that use F.I.R. (Far-Infrared) heat. These heating elements are powered by lightweight and powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

These wires are woven into the fabric of the socks themselves. This fabric combines unique materials that reflect and direct the heat to the body. The heating elements are placed in two locations, in the area under the toes and behind the ball of the foot.


Rechargeable Battery and Portable Charger

Along with these heated socks, you’ll get two 3.7volt 2200 mAh Lithium-ion batteries marked MW-370. These batteries are housed in specially designed fabric pockets in the upper part of the socks.

The dimensions of this battery are 2.8 inches, 1.8 inches, and 0.5 inches. The time required to fully charge the batteries ranges from 5 to 6 hours. In addition to batteries, you will also get a portable charger along with a micro USB charging cable.


Simple Charging Instructions

To get the best performance from the battery as well as long life, follow these simple steps.

First, connect the charger from Mobile Warming to the AC wall socket and then connect the battery to the connectors from the AC charger.

You will immediately notice that the indicators on each charger port will glow red, which means that the batteries are charging. At the moment, while the batteries are charging, they will flash green all the time.

When the indicators on both ports on the charger turn green, it means that the batteries are full and ready to use. When the batteries are fully charged, their indicators will stop flashing green, but they will turn on solid green. To recharge your batteries, it is always advisable to use compatible Mobile Warming Chargers.


Manual or Wireless Controller

This is one of the features that will delight the users of these heated socks. And that’s the way how you can adjust the heat on your feet. These Mobile Warming battery heated socks offer two ways, manually and using a wireless controller that comes with these socks.

For example, when riding a motorcycle, you do not need to stop at all and bend down to adjust the required temperature on your feet. All this is simplified by the use of a wireless controller.

It is super easy to use; on it, you can choose one of the three offered heating options such as low, medium, and high. Also, with the help of this wireless controller, you will be able to turn off the heating at any time when you do not need the heat on your feet. Cool isn’t it.

Another good thing about this wireless controller is that it has a pendant that will allow you to secure it so you don’t have to worry about losing it.


Machine Washable

According to the manual, they say these heated socks are machine washable, which is true. But they cannot be put in the dryer. However, I would recommend washing them by hand and then to hang them for air drying.

But, make sure, always you need to take the battery out before washing the socks. Also, make sure they are 100% dry before plugging the battery for the next use.


What you will receive with these heated socks?

  • A pair of mobile warming heated socks
  • Two 3.7 volt of 2200mAh Lithium-ion Batteries
  • 1 wireless controller
  • 1 AC Charge

Size Information

  • S/M: Men’s 4-10 and Ladies 6-10
  • L/XL: Men’s 10-14

Available Sizes

  • 2 Sizes Men 4-10/Women 6-11
  • And Men 10-14


Some Complains of the Customers

Some users are complaining about the size of these socks. Namely, they say that the lower part of the foot is much larger than it should fit in the actual size of the foot. Also in the calf area, they are slightly wider than they should be. But here I don’t see any problem; this is just a misunderstanding from my point of view. I think the main reason why these heated socks are bigger in size than their size is that generally heated socks are made with the intention of wearing them over another pair of regular thin unheated socks. In this way, the maximum effect is achieved when using them.


Actually, the main purpose of these heated socks is to warm your feet whether you feel cold, you have a problem with cold feet or you have outdoor activities in winter. But, I don’t say that you don’t need to wear them without other regular thin socks. It is up to you, if your feet match the size of these heated socks and you feel comfortable, then I don’t see a reason to be worn over another pair of classic socks.

Another reason is to avoid direct contact with your skin and to avoid burns in case of damage to the wires that are embedded in the fabric of the socks, but these are very rare cases.


Some users say that when wearing these socks, they stretch in a strange way, and as the main reason for this, they say that they were the wires woven into the fabric. They also say that when they walk with these socks, they feel the wires around the ball of the foot. In fact, they do not see this as a shortcoming that affects the comfort of these socks, but that only they have felt the presence of wires in the socks.

Otherwise, just to remind you, these wires are placed in the area under the toes and behind the ball of the foot. In my opinion, as I said a while ago, this is another reason why we should wear another pair of thin regular socks under these heated ones.

But, they are surprised by how fast these socks heat up, which according to many is less than two minutes. These Mobile Warming heated socks will fit perfectly whether you wear boots or shoes. They are especially suitable when shoveling snow in your yard.



You will really love these heated socks and for the most part, they are easy to use, practical and affordable. And despite the fact that these socks have only a few issues that would keep them from the perfect choice.

But they are still a great choice for people who need to protect their feet from cold when shoveling snow in their yard, riding a motorcycle, hunting, walking around with your friends, commuting to work, and doing other activities outside when the temperatures are below zero, especially in winter.

Thanks, for reading my Mobile Warming heated socks review, and I hope you found worth information about this product. I would be really happy, If you have any information or you want to add something from your experience about these heated socks, in the comment box below.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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