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Volt Heated Socks Review

Volt Heated Socks Review

Posted On 13/01/2021

Volt heated socks review: If you are one of those who are looking for a nice and a quality pair of heated socks to keep your feet warm and cozy at all times, whether you have activities outside or staying at home during the winter, I would recommend you to take a look at these beautiful and elastic heated socks from the company Volt.

Our Verdict

These Volt heated socks have an advanced slim design with great durability that successfully warms and protects your feet from the cold all the time while wearing them. With these heated socks, you will really enjoy your outdoor sports activities in the winter without having problems with cold feet.

They are made of high elasticity materials that are ideal for sports activities. When you wear them you feel great comfort on your feet. Simply, these volt socks are ease manageable, durable, and reliable. You can easily change the heat settings by using a wireless controller. You have 10 hours of heating when you use them in the low heating mode and more importantly, they are not too expensive as the Lenz Heat sock 1.0 or other high-end heated socks.

What We Like


  • The battery can run up to 10 hours with one charging
  • Great moisture-wicking performance
  • They are affordable
  • Convenient wireless controller

What We Don't Like


  • They are not intended to be used in extremely cold conditions
  • You should be aware that polyester and spandex can cause allergies on your skin

Volt 3V Heated Socks Review

Company: Volt

Product: Volt 3V Heated Socks

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: Volt is a renowned company known for producing quality heated clothing such as heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves and heated socks which are one of the most popular products.

As I said, these Volt 3V heated socks are very durable, reliable and easy to use, so their quality and design allow people to wear them when they have different outdoor activities. Now let’s see what are the performances and features of these volt heated socks.

Polyester and Spandex Combination

The fabric mainly used for making these Volt 3V heated socks is a composite of two high-performance synthetic fibers known as polyester and spandex. Let’s see what the benefits of using these two synthetic materials are.

Microfiber polyester is an ingredient mainly used to make socks cozy and soft to wear. The socks are very comfortable and at the same time give your foot warmth and protection.

While Spandex strengthens the fabric, makes it stretchable and maximizes comfort.


Fabrics with Moisture Wicking Ability

Whenever we have physical activity it is normal to sweat. When sporting or having a daily activity in the summer, sweat makes you feel uncomfortable. While sweating during the winter can adversely affect our body temperature. This is the main reason why manufacturers of sportswear and outdoor activities use materials that can absorb moisture.

The moisture-wicking feature is standard for all types of warm clothing, especially for winter use. When you have physical activity in the winter and use the heating system, after a while, your body will start to sweat. To keep your body warm, sweat should be removed as quickly as possible from the skin.

Thus, the moisture-wicking fabrics have a high absorption capacity and the ability to remove moisture very quickly. In this case, the Polyester used in these Volt 3V heated socks is in charge of this job.

Polyester effectively and quickly removes moisture from the skin and redirects it from the inner to the outer layers for easy evaporation. So you don’t have to worry about wearing these Volt heated socks, your feet will be dry and warm at all times.


Advanced and Comfortable Design

It is normal that when we wear woolen socks in winter they are thick. But when talking about these Volt 3V heated socks that have a built-in electric heating system, it is obvious that the fabric used for their production is drastically reduced.

Because of this, the socks are surprisingly slim and they are very easy to put on your feet or take off. Plus, the microfiber polyester also has the properties of insulating material. Despite the slim design of these socks, these polyester microfibers successfully retain the heat inside the socks.

Video Overview: Volt Heated Socks

Designed as Sock Liners

Many times there is a misunderstanding with some users when they need to use Volt 3V heated socks instead of regular ones. As the manufacturer claims, these heated socks are designed as sock liners; it means they should be worn over regular socks. That’s why their design is very thin.

To get the best results, you should wear these heated socks in combination with thin regular socks. If you wear thicker socks in the first place, it may be difficult to transfer heat from the heating elements to your feet and, secondly, you will not feel comfortable.

At your discretion, if you want it is no problem wearing no extra regular socks. You can only wear these Volt heated socks and get great performance. But it is advisable to wear them on extra regular slim socks for maximum performance. Another very important thing to remember is to avoid wetting these socks to prevent malfunction.


Heating System with Compact Design

The heating elements have a very slim, flat design to achieve a slim sock design and are powered by portable lithium batteries. They are placed in the front part of the soles of these socks. The socks do not have any protrusions in the foot area; they are smooth and comfortable to wear.

Heating elements are designed to provide even heat to the entire feet. Although the heating elements do not extend to the back of the heels, the heat is effectively delivered through the entire foot which is the main purpose of these socks.


Built-in Microprocessor Controller

The Volt 3 socks have a built-in intelligent system that is responsible for managing the heat supply of the heating elements. This system allows you to set the required temperature of your feet depending on the weather in places where you have sports activities. The heart of this control system is the microprocessor that is connected with the batteries and it precisely responds to any of your commands.


Quality Battery Packs

When buying heated clothing whether it is heated pans, heated ski boots or, as we have in this case, heated socks, the quality and capacity of batteries can play an important role.

With these Volt heated socks; you get a high-quality pair of 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries with serial number VB320RC. These are 3.7-volt rechargeable batteries that allow enough power for the heating elements to provide you with enough heat throughout the entire day.


Convenient Sock Design

The battery packs you get with these heated socks weigh about 2 ounces each. They are housed in specially designed pockets located on the sides of the socks above the ankle level.

The batteries are well sealed and protected from unwanted breakdowns so that when you do any physical activity, they will not be damaged at all and you will not have any discomfort due to their presence.


Smart Remote Controller

Designers of heated outdoor clothing such as heated gloves, hats or socks always have different solutions for how to manage your heating settings. In most cases, the heat controls are located somewhere on the outside of the heated clothing. But this is not the most practical solution for some types of heated clothing such as heated socks.

With these 3V heated socks, the designers have chosen a completely different and more practical temperature management solution for this product, which is a wireless remote controller. This makes your life much easier while skiing, hiking or riding a motorcycle in cold conditions; you don’t have to stop and bend over from time to time to change heating settings.

You just have to press the buttons on your remote controller without interrupting your current sports activities. The design of the remote control is futuristic; some models of the Volt 3V heated socks come with a remote that has a futuristic bracelet design that is easy to carry on your hand.

While in some Volt 3V heated socks models, the remote design looks like a smart keychain with a fastening system that lets you fasten it to your clothes. The performance of the remote is great, the buttons respond quickly to any press, which is a really positive feature.


Multiple Heat Settings

In addition to the quality and capacity of the batteries, the number of different heat settings is also very important when it comes to heated clothing. This product offers you 4 different heat adjustment modes such as:

  • Low: where 25% of battery power is used
  • Medium / Low: 50% of power is used
  • Medium / High: when heating elements use 75% of battery power
  • High: when heated socks are set to use 100% of the battery power

With these different temperature settings, you can allow your feet to have optimum heat in all winter conditions even when it is extremely cold.


Long-Lasting Batteries with Extra Heating Option

As I said earlier, the batteries of this product are 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion 3.7v batteries that are capable of providing enough power to the heating elements to deliver heat for a long time. The battery life depending on the heating mode looks like this:

  • Lowest Setting: about 8 to 10 hours
  • Medium-Low Setting: about 6 hours
  • Medium-High Setting: approximately 4.5 hours
  • High Setting: 3 hours

Another thing you need to know when buying these socks, also you will get extra strips for using more powerful batteries. This is in case if you are not satisfied with the regular 2000mAh battery life and you need to heat your feet for longer than these batteries offer. So, you have the option to buy more powerful 5000 mAh batteries marked as VB350.

With these extra batteries, you will have an extra life of up to 8 hours in the highest operating mode, and an incredible 20 hours in the lowest heating mode. This will meet your greatest needs.

Just to remind you again: the 5000 mAh VB350 batteries are sold separately, while as I said, you shouldn’t buy extra straps for these batteries separately, they come together in the package when you buy these Volt 3V heated socks.


Dual Charger

The battery charging system you get with these socks is a dual charging system that allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously. This is a huge advantage over the battery charging systems that allow charging the batteries one at a time.


Different Colors and Multiple Sizes

The Volt 3 socks are only available in 2 different colors so far in black and gray. But when it comes to size options, these heated socks are available in sizes that suit both men and women.

In fact, you have 5 size options including Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. One more important thing, if the size of your foot is between sizes, then it is recommended to choose larger size socks for better comfort.


The Benefits of the Volt 3V Heated Socks

As you can see from this Volt Heated Socks Review, these heated socks are a high-quality product, well-designed, durable, and offer excellent performance. They are ideal for various outdoor sports activities in the winter such as skiing, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, and more. Their price is more affordable than other high end heated socks.

Written by Miki Ristovski

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